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Please rate my baby name list!?

Girls :

1.Anna Rose

2.Fiona Grace

3.Elizabeth Quinn

4.Charlotte Jane

5.Ava Michelle

6.Rhea Elizabeth

7.Katherine Eve

8.Tessa Grace

9.Emma Louise

10.Aaliyah Violet

Boys :

1.Landon James

2.Jacob Thomas

3.Wesley Grant

4.Elijah Paul

5.Joseph Emerson

6.Matthew Aidan

7.Gregory Levi

8.James Milo

9.Zachary Allan

10.Jonathan Michael

Thanks folks

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    Girls :

    1.Anna Rose B/C

    2.Fiona Grace D

    3.Elizabeth Quinn C

    4.Charlotte Jane B/C

    5.Ava Michelle B

    6.Rhea Elizabeth C

    7.Katherine Eve B

    8.Tessa Grace D/E

    9.Emma Louise C

    10.Aaliyah Violet C/D

    Boys :

    1.Landon James B/C

    2.Jacob Thomas B

    3.Wesley Grant B

    4.Elijah Paul B/C

    5.Joseph Emerson C

    6.Matthew Aidan C

    7.Gregory Levi C

    8.James Milo B

    9.Zachary Allan C

    10.Jonathan Michael B/C

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In order from the ones I like the most to the least:

    1. Tessa Grace

    2. Ava Michelle

    3. Anna Rose

    4. Emma Louise

    5. Aaliyah Violet

    6. Elizabeth Quinn

    7. Rhea Elizabeth

    8. Fiona Grace

    9. Charlotte Jane

    10.Katherine Eve

    1. Elijah Paul

    2. Jacob Thomas

    3. Joseph Emerson

    4. Landon James

    5. James Milo

    6. Jonathan Michael

    7. Matthew Aiden

    8. Wesley Grant

    9. Zachary Allan

    10.Gregory Levi

  • 1 decade ago

    Girls :

    1.Anna Rose - 5/10

    2.Fiona Grace - 8/10

    3.Elizabeth Quinn - 6/10

    4.Charlotte Jane- 7/10

    5.Ava Michelle - 5/10

    6.Rhea Elizabeth - 5/10

    7.Katherine Eve - 6/10

    8.Tessa Grace - 4/10

    9.Emma Louise - 6/10

    10.Aaliyah Violet

    Boys :

    1.Landon James - 4/10

    2.Jacob Thomas - 4/10

    3.Wesley Grant - 8/10

    4.Elijah Paul - 7/10

    5.Joseph Emerson - 7/10

    6.Matthew Aidan - 8/10

    7.Gregory Levi - 5/10

    8.James Milo - 4/10

    9.Zachary Allan - 8/10

    10.Jonathan Michael - 6/10

  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    Girls :

    1.Anna Rose - 6/10

    2.Fiona Grace - 5/10

    3.Elizabeth Quinn - 10/10 ******the best

    4.Charlotte Jane - 3/10

    5.Ava Michelle - 8/10

    6.Rhea Elizabeth - 2/10 (all I can think of is Rhea Perlman)

    7.Katherine Eve - 6/10 (Eva would be cuter)

    8.Tessa Grace - 5/10

    9.Emma Louise - 3/10 (Emma is great but Louise makes it sound terrible)

    10.Aaliyah Violet - 2/10

    Boys :

    1.Landon James - 7/10

    2.Jacob Thomas - 6/10

    3.Wesley Grant - 10/10 *******the best

    4.Elijah Paul - 9/10

    5.Joseph Emerson - 8/10

    6.Matthew Aidan - 9/10

    7.Gregory Levi - 6/10

    8.James Milo - 3/10

    9.Zachary Allan - 5/10

    10.Jonathan Michael - 4/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anna Rose 6/10 - Pretty, but very simple.

    Fiona Grace 7/10 - Also very pretty.

    Elizabeth Quinn 6/10 - Not my favorite names, but they go well together.

    Charlotte Jane 5/10 - Love Charlotte, not a fan of Jane.

    Ava Michelle 3/10 - Don't really like either name.

    Rhea Elizabeth 4/10 - Nah,

    Katherine Eve 6/10 - Pretty, but I like Katherine spelled Catharine.

    Tessa Grace 8/10 - Really nice!

    Emma Louise 7/10 - Thumbs up for Louise, thumbs down for Emma. Everyone names their kid Emma,

    Aaliyah Violet - can't really give this one a rating. because I don't know how to pronounce the first name.

    Landon James 4/10 - don't like Landon. James is a very nice name, but in this case it's a filler.

    Jacob Thomas 5/10 - Oh come on. Jacob has been the most common boy's name for the past ten years.

    Wesley Grant 6/10 - I like Wesley, Grant not so much

    Elijah Paul 4/10 - Don't really like Elijah, Paul is nice.

    Joseph Emerson 7/10 - nice

    Matthew Aidan 8/10 - Really good! But I think Aidan Matthew is even better

    Gregory Levi 3/10 Jeans

    James Milo 6/10 decent

    Zachary Allan 7/10 - nice

    Jonathan Michael 7/10 Names go together nicely

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The first names are all great, and the boys' middles aren't too bad. But I'd recommend coming up with some better middles for the girls. Rose, Grace, Jane, Nicole, Ann, Faith, and the like are really dull filler names, and most people seem to just use them as a bridge to get from the first name to the last name.

    You might try mixing and matching some of the first names on your list, like Elizabeth Katherine, or Fiona Charlotte. The only name I wouldn't use is Quinn, which is really a boy's name. It means "chief," more or less, as in the chief of a clan.

  • 1 decade ago

    Charlotte Jane (or Charlotte Grace)

    Anna Rose

    Zachary Allan

    Matthew Aiden

  • 1 decade ago

    i like fiona, charlotte, ava, and rhea for girls, then, elijah and zachary for boys

  • 1 decade ago

    Over all, you used old/classic names. I don't care much for them, I' m more of the old, but vintage style. And, some of the names you used the new popular names, which I can't stand (Ava & Aidan). Sorry, but if you keep working on it & change it a bit they would be cute. Good Luck!(:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    girls: 10

    boys: 1

    they are all very plain, traditional names.

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