what is a controversial question about Canadian music accomplishments?

This is my essay topic and i'm trying to make a thesis of this.

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  • kennyj
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    10 years ago
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    There has always been a perception that Canadian artists had to "make it" in the US, or elsewhere, before succeeding in Canada. Some did, many did not.

    There are many Canadian artists who left the country and now live in the States and write and record there (Joanie Mitchell and Neil Young come to mind). That doesn't, in my view make then less Canadian. They probably made their choices for professional and business reasons.

    Another controversial question has to do with the Canadian content (or Cancon) rules. The law required Canadian artists be given preferential treatment in Canada for airplay and funding. When it came into effect many, many artists benefited, and I would suggest part of the reason Canada has such a deep and wide well of talent today is because there were so many great role models that were truly homegrown and were more accessible to the Canadian public.

    So, for me these would be two controversial questions, or issues, in Canadian music: "making it" elsewhere before "making it" at home and the whole Cancon rule and how it benefited Canadian music in general and many artists in particular.

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