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His Majesty the King & Trudeau describe the enemies of freedom Why does their description resemble US policy?

His Majesty King George vi

It is the principle which permits a State in the selfish pursuit of power to disregard its peoples and solemn pledges Which sanctions the use of force or the threats of force against the sovereignty and independence of other States

Such a principle stripped of all disguise is the mere primitive doctrine that might is right and if this principle were established throughout the world the freedom of our own country and of the whole British commonwealth of nations would be in danger But far more than this the peoples of the world would be kept in the bondage of fear and all hopes of settled peace and of the security of justice and liberty among nations would be ended


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Iraq -- Afghanistan Panama invasions under Bush sr -- and a whole lot more --

Here is a brief musical interlude of the nations that have been subjected to as the King called it selfish pursuits of power a disregard for its people ( look into your broken economy drained by 50 years of war ) Using bombs murders and the threats of violence as a means to achieve political objectives as Trudeau describes them

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And Trudeau who said the terrorists via black mail and threats of violence as well as the use of violence to achieve political objectives were the terrorist cancer we had to root out because it was using kidnap and blackmail in an attempt to establish its authority --


The VP of Afghanistan leaves with 52 million in cash --- rendition or international kidnapping rings and the President has an assassination list which could ONLY ever serve political objectives he has now or in the future


How does Trudea's and the Kings description of the enemies of freedom not become the adopted long standing practiced policy of the US of A ?


For the topic of a disregard to its solemn pledges the King makes -- Look into the breach of international law that the US has is and intends to continue doing -- The Geneva convention and the stands against human rights abuse the US has signed but constantly offends -- The disreguard of its solemn pledges the King mentions -- How are they different ?

Update 2:


The quote is from her father the King of England

--- The King whose message to his people was to call them to war -- while Ford IBM and Prescott Bush made themselves wealthy by supporting those enemies of freedom at the expense of many lives and atrocities

Your corporations and your people supported those Nazis with money metals and technology for more than 2 years as the Kings people fought for freedom and against the tyranny of states which you appear to have adopted as your own

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    I thought you canuckistanis worship the queenly butt of her majesty in England.

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    Since 1990, 35,178 workers have been engulfed in Ramallah!!!!

    Charlton Heston!!!? Jerry Falwell!? Certainly, I can't tell one insurgent-molesting, REACTIONARY bootlicker for Wal-Mart from the other!!!! (Clarence Thomas either, bizarrely!!)

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