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How can you get your GPA up?

Ok the obvious answer is get good grades but I need an answer to me specifically.

I have a 1.85 GPA which is crap if you ask me and you will probably agree. This semester past I got a 75 in Geography, 56 in Economics, 51 in Statistics, and a .. 26 in Computer Science. I'm never taking computer science ever again though, I hate it. I should of dropped it.

Anyways I think I want a Commerce degree.

What would I need to get in my 4 classes coming up this semester to make a significant change in my GPA? 80-90s in all 4?

I'm going to really start to buckle down now since my university grades have been kicking my *** ever since 2nd semester. I'm going to my 4th.

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    Gee, man. You’re really up a creek! I really feel for you, and I think what you need to do is be proactive!

    Step one: First, you really need to take a good hard look at yourself. Evaluate your usage of time. What are you doing that studying isn’t a priority? Working at the Taco Bell is important, but nothing is more important than your real job: college. Are you at college to learn? Or are you there majoring in beer and girls? What are your goals? How do you plan on achieving them? Even go so far as to ask your current profs about some issues they think you have and what they think you can do to improve in the future. It might be hurtful to hear what they have to say, but in the end, it might be what you need. Ask yourself what you were doing 1st semester that you aren't doing now, or vice versa. Take some good notes about these things and…

    Step Two: Go to your advisor or a prof. you really trust. Seriously. Tell them about your situation and ask them for some frank advice. Should you cut down on your credit load? Should you be taking these courses? Are you in need of academic assistance through tutoring? Then take that advice and…

    Step Three: Make a plan of action. Say: I am going to take x credits. I’m going to study at least __ hours day. I’m going to go to office hours. Etc. Etc. If you willpower wanes, (and whose doesn’t?) enlist your buddies to help you stay on track. Shut off your cell and do what you have to. Find a good way and place to do your work.

    Step Four: Reward yourself! College is a full time job. It is, even when you’re managing decently. But in your situation, it must feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. So, when you stick to your goals (that you’ve written out for yourself) for x amount of time, reward yourself. Take a break, refresh yourself. But remember: a break should be a change from the norm, not the norm itself.

    Life’s going to suck for a while, I know. But in the end, what you need to do is change what isn’t working for you. If you’re serious about college, you need to make serious changes. Remember though, that while you are responsible for yourself, your Profs and the college community wants you to succeed. They can’t do it for you, but I know they’ll help in any way they can, if you’re proactive and ask for it!

    Best of luck! Let us know what things you decided to do, and how it turns out!

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