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anybody who misses the old mariah carey?


i just listened to her old music,money changes pple a whole lot.

Update 2:

very true her music content,lyrics were so on point in the 90s.saddens me,what happened to all the good music?look at all the crap that is out there kids are listening to?i guess we gotta learn to accept it as it is,,,

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    OMG YES YES YES,,, HOW I MISS THE OLD MARIAH VERY MUCH. I used to be her biggest fan back when she still sang those soaring pop ballads. I grew up with her music and to this day, I still somewhat hope that Mariah would go back to the old formula. But time has changed. As much as I (or anyone else) want it, Mariah is not the same old Mariah anymore, and there's nothing we can do to accept it, appreciate it, and move on with our lives. When she first changed, I used to hate Mariah because I feel like betrayed. I mean, how could she do this to me? After I've been buying her albums and following her, why oh why did she have to change into a completely different person that I don't recognize. I don't even know her anymore. But as time passes by, I get more mature and then I realized that Mariah did nothing wrong. She just simply wants to be herself. And who am I to be so selfish telling her to change her way back when she's already happy being the way she is now. If a person tells me that I should change my whole personality, I wouldn't like it and of course I wouldn't be able to do it anyway, because it's just NOT me. And after that, I stopped chasing pipe dreams and started moving on. Does this mean I've come to like her? No. Like I said, I prefer the old Mariah. But at least now I can be happier with myself and appreciate her for the way she is now. Another lesson is that I learn NOT to be to fanatic over somebody. In other words, it made me more realistic in seeing life. Accept the fact that Mariah has changed. Appreciate her for it. You don't have to like her. You have two options: to stick with her or to leave her. One advice: don't feel like you're forced to make a decision. It should be coming from yourself and not because the other fans/haters. Peace out.

  • Expecting Mariah to revert back to her "Music Box" or "Daydream" style is getting old. Madonna was allowed to reinvent herself and yet Mariah isn't. Some Mariah fans are stuck on this singular ideal image of Mariah that is unrealistic. They punish her for not consistently and rigidly being what THEY want her to be.

    She released "Music Box" when she was 23. 17 YEARS later I think it's fine to allow her to do whatever she wants.

    Whatever. The fans who don't like her new material will just have to move along. If she doesn't fulfill their expectations, then they should find someone else who does.

    Contrary to some fans' beliefs, Mariah is a human being with her own desires and interests.... and those interests very well may not be the same as they were 17 years ago and she may very well not have any desire to return to that state.

    As I see it, Mariah operates at the level of desire, she gives expression to deep down feelings that have been repressed in a woman's life It's very immediate, you can see it, whatever she does has intensity and conviction (believes in what she's doing, at least for the moment).She also loves to take off the style of another performer, almost as if she were parodying (slightly mocking) trends. Whatever we might say about Memoirs, E=MC, it is completely original. No-one else can do it and it sounds like no-one else, track for track. We also can never expect too much from her English tracks which tend to be zany and experimental for the fun of it. It creates her niche if you like where she never quite fits in (and never will I feel), and people will always remember her for being different different. Her old albums speak to a much more discerning audience, who take their music very seriously, and are a greater challenge I feel.

    Obviously I love her old music - anytimne you need a friend, butterfly, fantasy, outside, lea the way, honey, whatever. But This is 2010, and we're just about getting into 2011. TImes change people change. I wasn't satisfied with Memoirs or E=MC, i agree, and she can put off the whole diva thing but The MCIIU has been very encouraging and satisfying.

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    Darn Right. I misss the old Mariah Carey. The 1990s Mariah needs to come back. Her music from that era was so good. Pure classic and timeless stuff. Her 90's era was her best music. Its so classic and timeless. Classic and timeless music never goes out of style. Its so much better than a lot of the crap that music industry is churning out today.

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    I love the old and current Mariah Carey. She's still the same person but her music has changed because she has changed as an artist and as a woman. No one stays the same we all change and therefore our tastes and interests change. :)

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    Me And All The Fans!!!!! Man I Miss Her "Dreamlover Hair" When She Only Wore Black Dresses And Her Husky Sexy Voice When She Was Sweet Inocent And Sang Like If There Was No Tommorow!!!!!

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    Most definitely. Give me 90's Mariah Carey any day.

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    I do. I thought her image back then would be great for young girls to aspire to be. We have enough already out there encouraging girls to be "you-know-whats". I think her lyrics meant more, and the music was much more soulful.

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    No her newer songs are much better and i think she is much sexier, We belong together from 2005 is her best song ever, PS Congragulations to Mariah and Nick Cannon on there first Child

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    Omg.. I remember when All I Want For Christmas came out.. she was on firee

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    yes, when she used to be herself, dressed normal, and cheerful :)

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