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What would you name this character?

First and middle name please.

-she's 29 years old

-works as a high school English teacher

-lives in New York

-lives with her husband Gregory Thomas "Greg" (an accountant) , daughter Summer Violet (11), twin sons Travis Elijah (8) and Justin Kyle (8), and daughter Amelia Giselle (5)

-had a daughter when she was 16 with boyfriend Ashton, gave child to Ashton (left NY with the kid afterwords)

-and after 13 years, wants to reconnect with the girl she gave up even though she doesn't know where they live, and doesn't know her name

-she's very outgoing and has a dominant personality

-has long, light brown, wavyish hair (kinda like this with bright green eyes, average height and weight

Thanks for all your help!! :D


BQ: What are you top 5 names for both girls and boys?

Update 2:

don't be rude, it's a simple question, if you can't answer maturely, then don't answer at all

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    Sounds like a good story! Here are my suggestions:

    Alice Taylor

    Maria Louise

    Julianna Arielle

    Sarah Edith

    Lea Susanne

    Elizabeth Grace

    Olivia Annabelle


    Girls: Olivia, Charlotte, Amelia, Sophia, Stephanie, Noelle

    Boys: Michael, Oliver, Zachary, Christopher, Adam

    Hope this helps! (and I did a little more than five on the BQ for girls!)

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    Lisa Dawn,

    Susan Patricia

    Donna Karen

    Debra Mary

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    Rachel Katrina **** Second fave

    Lila Celeste ***** fave

    Emily Reese

    Danielle Elise

    Anna Sophia

    Robyn Alyssa

    Chelsea Marie

  • gracie
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    Libby Josephine

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    My top five names for boy and girl:


    Ashton (Ash) Jonothan

    Andrew Edrick

    Iaan Cole

    David Donald

    Edward John


    Victoria Elizabeth

    Violet Rose

    Liliana Josephina

    Anna Maria

    Alexis Hannah

    For the character's name, I like Danielle.

    Hope I helped.

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    Natalia May

    Joslyn Marie

    Anna Marie

    Nicole Ann

    Leecy Dane

    Leslie Marie

    Hope this helps :)

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    Deanna Lynn

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    If you're any good at writing stories, you should be able to come up with a name for such a carte blanche character.

  • Anonymous
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    I think i would name her Marissa Dillow.

  • pmj
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    natalie jean

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