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Who else will miss the Haitian born bilingual representative of the Crown Her Excellency Michaelle Jean?


I really can't think of anyone who has occupied the office that has done more for the office of the Crown's representative in Canada as the Governor General of Canada

She will be a very hard act to follow for our new GG His Excellency David Johnston

Update 2:

Gratuitous game violence

It truly sucks --- Her Excellency is one of the most fair minded open inteligent persons we have had in the position of head of State and commander of the armed forces in the absence of the Queen in this nation . Truly an example in action --- and you have been denied that because of a copyright law/war

Sucks .... you have been cheated

Update 3:

Bien sûr que non tes sujets de société qui ne permettent que le message des esclaves dans votre pays Il n'y a pas égalité entre le libre et l'esclave Tu sais cela parce que le propriétaire de votre société, il est dit

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    It says my country cannot view it. Need a canadian account

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    il est bloquee ici dans l'amerique du nord monsieur poisson

    vive a liberte,,egalite,et la personalite,,,hein?!,,,,,,,,,,,,,fraternite?,souriritee?

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    not i

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