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Do you think North Korea is as ready for a sacred war as they say they are?

The North Koreans talk about a SACRED war. I say we shall give it to them. The war games have started. The rhetoric lingers. The tensions grow by the day. We the American will not shy down war. We know it can bring peace and food to the oppressed North Korean people.. We want to introduce them to the Lord like how their South Korean brothers graciously thank us for. We have a duty to protect our South Korean brothers just like we do Israel.


Lib - That is what we brought the Japanese with two nuclear bombs in the same region, right? Maybe they had food. But we surely brought them peace. Peace of mind from participating in Kamikaze missions. Peace of mind for preventing millions more loss of American and Japanese lives. We did the right thing there and we can in North Korea too.

Update 2:

Casey - Because the state, the unity and Kim Jung Il are sacred to the North Korean people. Communism was a European created political ideology. You can't take away the religiously-related culturally ingrained elements of east Asians in such a short peoriod of time.

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    No they are blowing smoke again

    Source(s): MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am a level 7 so if in doubt check the level out and report the clone May God bless you and may God keep us safe from the progressive axis of evil;0bama,Pelsoi & Reid.
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    Your assessment is a little skewed by realities. According to a Reuters News release this morning, N. Korea has made it clear, they will NOT engage in a conventional war with the South. They are threatening a "nuclear" retaliation. They may not have a delivery system capable of any great range, but they damn sure can hit the country of S. Korea, be off by miles and still devastate the nation.

    Question is, rhetoric or need to be taken seriously. Does the U.S. respond with a nuclear strike, even minimal yield ? The Joint Chiefs of Staff are working late nights no doubt.

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    No I'm against this The anti America Korean kids call us the invades Fine pull our troops out and let the blood bath begin let the world see what happens when the great Satan is not protecting them we can later go in a clean house

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    Only if they want incinerated by furious Russians or other forces far more advanced, skilled, and powerful than that of the puny North Korean military.

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    How can it be a sacred war if they are an atheist, communist nation?

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