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Are there tarantulas in the Gulf of Mexico?

Hey :)

so, I'm going to Mexico tomorrow, and I REALLY need to know.. are there tarantulas in the Gulf of Mexico? The middle or more northern part of the Gulf, like in Vera Cruz. And I'm going to go ziplining near Vera Cruz, in Jalcomulco. It's kind of like a rainforest there and I'm REALLY worried that there will be tarantulas. If there are then I'm not going to Mexico, so I really need to know! Haha yeah... I'm really afraid of tarantulas and spiders in general.

Thanks! :)

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    I live 15 miles from Jacomulco and have been to the gulf here many times and never seen a tarantula. they do live out in the jungle...but you can go years here and never see one. I actually lived on the edge of the jungle for 4 years and never saw one...and they certainy are not IN the Gulf of Mexico.

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