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what to do when bored on runescape?

i need alot of good ideas to do when bored on rs.

i am a member

user- jojojo357

just bored

dont know what to do

need good ideas

preffer a list fro 1-99 on what to do

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    i tell u what i do =)

    1. dungeonering, when u go to the high lvl trust me is fun and meet lots of people =)

    2. do farming, do all patchest u can then come back and check all in 1:10

    3. do slayer great money a minigame, stealing creation one of my favorities

    5. do castle wars

    6. do a quest

    7. train a random skill and gain just one lvl in that skill

    8. go kill a boss, tormented demon, bandos, gwd andy high level monster but beware they are dangerous

    9. enter a clan, so attent to the clan event of the day

    10. train ur combat skills so u can be a higher lvl

    well im getting out of ideas... but hope it helps

    Source(s): so check me gise20 ;) u will see i know what im talking about =)
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    1. Create a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored.

    2. Create a card for your loved one.

    3. Get your car washed.

    4. Treat yourself to a movie.

    5. Read a novel.

    6. Go window shopping.

    7. Create a new recipe.

    8. Call your long distance friend or family.

    9. Create your own scrap book.

    10. Treat yourself to a body massage.

    11. Pamper yourself to a spa.

    12. Enjoy a cup of coffee.

    13. Buy yourself a puzzle.

    14. Attend a workshop.

    15. Visit a pet shop.

    16. Listen to music.

    17. Treat yourself an aromatherapy bath.

    18. Buy yourself a plant.

    19. Play mind-stretching games such as Scrabble, chess, and cards.

    20. Go for an exhibition.

    21. Do the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper.

    22. Visit a friend’s house.

    23. Visit your nearest library.

    24. Visit a bookshop.

    25. Surf the net.

    26. Take the dog for a walk.

    27. Learn a new language.

    28. Cut the grass.

    29. Write a journal.

    30. Watch a TV show.

    31. Take up photography.

    32. Tour a museum.

    33. Visit a nature preserve.

    34. Meet a friend at a restaurant or cafe.

    35. Read a newspaper.

    36. Take a walk at the beach or lake side.

    37. Take a yoga class.

    38. Play a water sport at the seaside.

    39. Treat yourself a cone of ice cream

    40. Smoke some pot

    41. Going for a walk.

    42. Treat yourself a dessert.

    43. Join a gym club.

    44. Treat yourself a face massage.

    45. Clear away clutter at home.

    46. Go fishing.

    47. Go swimming with your friends or family.

    48. Do some needlework.

    49. Play a ball game with friends or family.

    50. Write a short story or diary.

    51. Make and fly a kite.

    52. Make a cake.

    53. BBQ with friends and family.

    54. Go traveling.

    55. Make your own homemade pizza.

    56. Send a message via mobile phone to a friend.

    57. Clean up your closet.

    58. Paint a illustration.

    59. Dance inside your room.

    60. Create your own song.

    61. Get your hair cut.

    62. Sing out load at home.

    63. Chat with friends via internet.

    64. Go for glossary shopping.

    65. Re-organise your book shelf.

    66. Go camping.

    67. Take the kids to the zoo.

    68. Visit an art gallery.

    69. Shop till you drop.

    70. Ride a horse and enjoy the country side.

    71. Get comfortable reading a book at the pool side.

    72. Hunt for treasures at antique shops.

    73. Create your own jewelry.

    74. Hang out in a pub.

    75. Play online games.

    76. Go diving.

    77. Bake a house of bread.

    78. Go roller skating.

    79. Walking on the beach.

    80. Create your own aquarium.

    81. Learn a new skill.

    82. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

    83. Groom your pet.

    84. Mix and create your own essential oil.

    85. Unwind at the garden.

    86. Join a fitness centre.

    87. Go picnic with friends or family.

    88. Write and send some birthday cards.

    89. Plan a weekend getaway.

    90. Taking courses online.

    91. Create and design your personal website.

    92. Write a blog.

    93. Play the piano or other instruments.

    94. Go bowling.

    95. Visit disability support services and volunteer to help.

    96. Gardening.

    97. Join a ballroom dancing class.

    98. Go to bed.

    99. Create a list of 100 ideas that make you a bright future.

    100. Create a list of 100 things that make you happy.

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    when i got bored i just quit oh well

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