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Which Canadian political party am I?

OK. I'm 16 year old and I'd like some real, non-biased opinions about which political party I should support, I *think* I fit into the liberal category but not really so sure about that. Please, I don't want a huge debates, these are just my personal opinions.

Healthcare: I think the healthcare system should be open and public, everyone should have the right to the same quality of healthcare no matter what their current financial status is.

Environment: I believe the environment is extremely important and the government should do much more to preserve it, invest more into clean energy, public transportation, recycling etc. Mining should be carefully regulated, yes Canada has outrageous amounts of natural resources but I don't want any more Sudbury-Nickel-Devastated-Landscapes. Bottled water should be BANNED as we have one of the cleanest tap water sources in the world! I don't understand why people spend hundreds of dollars per year to buy something free and pollute our cities in the process.

Immigration: I believe immigrants are crucial to our country as we have a gigantic aging population that are becoming more and more dependent on government pensions. The current system is fine because it's already very tough. As for refugees, we should accept them if they are legitimately trying to escape deadly situations but I don't want human smugglers to take advantage of that.

Homosexuality: I believe that homosexuals should have the right to get married if they want. I don't see why so many people are against them just because the Bible says so. Also, they should be allowed to adopt children if they wish, I'd much rather see a kid with loving parents rather than on the streets.

Education: I think all public schools require much much more funding and should not be closed due to the *ahem* Olympics. I'm on the edge about funding for religious schools (especially Catholic schools) because if we do not give funding then it might be affecting their right to free speech; 51% of me is saying no support, 49% yes. If funding is cancelled, public schools should offer courses/after-school programs about different cultures/languages/religions etc. The main reason of school is not to produce a robotically monotone generation of workers but to help guide the student in life. I'm 100%, ALL ABOUT creating global citizens who are responsible, open to new ideas, and are critical thinkers.

Crime: I am against death penalty, it's inhumane and no one is completely sure whether the criminal is truly guilty. That being said, I'm also against prisons and the fact it's "punishment". First of all, to support just one prisoner takes SO MUCH MONEY and it does nothing. Instead, the resources should be channeled towards rehabilitation and reintegrating them back into society as contributing members.

Religion: I do not believe in religion and I don't think it should affect government. Personally I think most people are taught their faith from birth and so didn't really have a choice in the matter. I've looked into many faiths and I really really don't like how most of they say "Join us else something bad will happen to you, possibly burn in flames, perhaps reincarnated into a retarded platypus etc". I mentioned before I value questioning authority, and well I question God and that's apparently a bad thing. However I fully support those who have a faith, they believe whatever they want and it's totally fine.


- I am pro-choice on abortion, some mothers really cannot support a child and in the long run, I don't want a child living in without parents/stuck in the poverty cycle. Though I agree 100% with the people that think people who have unprotected sex and have an abortion is very very wrong.

- I support stem-cell research, every technology has its downfalls but this can lead to a breakthrough in medicine and should not be ignored. I believe in free media (even when it's extremely stupid) and no censorship (net neutrality).

- Marijuana should either be banned along with alcohol and smoking or be legalized. Smoking is the same thing and legalizing it could decrease appeal for teenagers. I've heard about drug smuggling and all those problems and I suspect it would be gong if legalized?

- I think there should be a gun registry, why would anyone need a gun unless for hunting (I am also against that).

- I think we are all equal regardless of whatever nationality/belief/race/etc. Sharing is caring :)

- More housing should be made available for those with lower incomes in areas WITH higher income families (no ghettos).

- With the electronic age fast evolving, I very much demand laws that preserve our online privacy. EVERYONE should be concerned, not just criminals!

Sorry for the overly long post, I hope your not too offended by what I wrote because if you are then I apologize. Thank you fo


EDIT: Please do not bother answering this question if you don't know what your talking about. Also I don't care about the Green Party. Thanks!

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    You would fit in either the New Democratic Party, or the Liberal party. I think that you fit a little bit better with the Liberal party.

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    The Republican occasion contained in america does not truly have any counterpart interior the Canadian gadget. The Democratic occasion is likewise fairly extra top wing then the Canadian Conservative occasion yet like many others have stated many individuals of those too events could experience fairly at homestead in each and every others caucuses. The Liberal occasion is center. the eco-friendly occasion is center-left. The NDP ("laborers occasion") is left. The Bloc is center. Oh and DG your rapid to call us a "*****" in spite of the incontrovertible fact that ask the Germans that who had a particular call for Canadian troops in the time of the worldwide Wars that's translated to hurricane squaddies in line with how annoying Canadians fought. and that i seem to neglect why the white house is white? do no longer attempt burning Queen's Park returned, ok?

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    You would be a progressive liberal in the Democrat Party in the US. In Canada you would be in the progressive wing of the liberal party since you have favor government intervention over freedom.

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    Abortion is evil. The child can be adopted instead of brutally killed....

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    Green: Idealistic but naive. (Although for 16, less naive than average).

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