Ramadan: know any nice nasheeds?

asalamu alaikum,

i was a really big music addict and lets just say im really close to giving pu my habit. i dont listen to english music anymore.. i just have to quit the hindi music. i know a few very nice nasheeds by talib al habib, zain bhikha and native deen but i want to hear other ones.

does any one know really good nasheeds. not hate comments please. not looking for any BS

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  • 10 years ago
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    listen 2:

    - Maher Zain

    - Sami Yusuf

    these 2 r inspirational... 4 me well they are amazing


    - Kamal uddin

    - Usman rehman

    there are another few which i cant really rememba ryt now..but if i rememba them then il add them in...

    if u hav listened to nativ deen and zain bikha im sure u will love Maher zain and Sami yusuf.. tehy r one of ma fav's :) ...Youtube them...

    here is the link 2 one of their award winning nasheeds(but u shud check out the rest of theres aswell):

    Maher Zain:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Sami yusuf:


    Youtube thumbnail


    they sing in english,arabic,turkish,urdu...

    Source(s): mee :)
  • frith
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    4 years ago

    i do .. and that i like his nasheeds .. i like its simplicity. i do no longer think of its kiddish, hehe, are not all of us basically honestly little in front of Allah :) his nasheeds makes me sense that. i basically checked his weblog considering the fact that all the solutions point out that he did no longer "convert". and that i might desire to assert, that it relatively is obviously pronounced that he has observed the instructions of the "Quran" into his existence and that he believes interior the shahada. i quote from his weblog: "Yusuf Islam, who had defined to me some years in the past that “Islam” capability “enter into peace” and that i theory “what a proper theory”. so as that’s why while human beings question me if I’ve converted, I tell them it’s no longer approximately conversion it’s with reference to the which capability, to embody the assumption of peace into your existence." i do no longer see why all and sundry might think of he's no longer a muslim. he certainly is a muslim to me. its basically a distinctive way of questioning. anywho, thank you for posting this, i in no way particularly analyze his own existence :) salam alaikum

  • omar
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    10 years ago

    Mohammed Rafi sing some I do like and you can hit it up on youtube

    here is one I like


    Youtube thumbnail


  • 10 years ago



    Youtube thumbnail

    I love this one. (it talks about the ummah) also by outlandish but also Sami Yusuf


    Youtube thumbnail

    Mount Hira Sami Yusuf


    Youtube thumbnail


    This is my favourite (WHo is the Loved One)


    Youtube thumbnail


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