Why is the emancipation of slaves not openly discussed during the debate over the Declaration of Independence?

..Why is the emancipation of the slaves not an issue openly discussed during the debate over the Declaration of Independence? Please help, it would mean a lot. Thanks.

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    The issue of slavery was a touchy subject. It threatened to prevent southern states like Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina from entering into agreement with the Articles of Confederation. During the Continental Congresses when the US was creating its constitution, the issue was tabled for debate until 1800.

    So, politically you can see it would be a bad idea to unite states into a union if you're going to tell the wealthiest citizens of half the states they have to give up their property.

    Morally, slavery is wrong and the Quakers in 1790 brought up the issue to the first Congress. The representatives of the southern states were apoplectic. South Carolina threatened to secede numerous times because of the issue up until the Civil War.

    The issue of slavery had no easy solution during the 19th century, and that lead to the Civil War. Compromises didn't work and did little to remove the scourge of slavery from our nation.

    Another factor that kept slavery in place was racism. Politically, the US didn't truly begin to confront racial discrimination in America until the 1950s with Brown v. Board of Topeka.

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    The main focus during the debate over the D of I was freedom from England. The North knew the slaveholders would not agree to emancipating their slaves. So they tried to take it one step at a time. Those who were abolitionist weren't happy about it but they knew that self determination as a country was the first step. The knowledge of all involved understood that slavery would have to be dealt with. As you know almost 100 years later, the civil war was fought in part to end the practice of holding slaves.

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    yes the main Focus over the Declaration of Independence was freedom from Britain's tyranny also slavery was still a part of culture and had not been seen as evil by as many people at the time the declaration was signed.

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    In fact of matter it WAS discussed. Perhaps you should ask why it was not included in the Declaration itself. Read here. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part2/2h33.html

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