Memories:-Do u miss somebody who is not in this world now?

i misses my grandmother very much, where she would b now ?, she must b seeing us? she must b happy na?

do u have somebody whom u miss alot and he/she/it is not in this world now ?

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  • NOOR
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    10 years ago
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    i have lost my love 5 years ago in an accident………..i miss him and i will not forget him…….no one can ever imagine my pain and grief which was unbearable……..but the process to recover this phase………i learnt much more………that how to live life………how to face difficult situations……how to be positive when lose something……..

    we should always “Accept the Situation”…….after the situation is accepted and faced……grief may still exist……..but it will become mortal…… means it can be overcome…… i am more positive about life……..and a strong person…….

    the only reason to share this……….i want to say all of you……..that life going on with all its good and bad times………but we do not lose our hearts……….and i pray no one ‘never ever’ face this situation in life………

    ye sach hai nahin marta hai koi judaai mein………

    Khuda kisi say kisi ko magar juda na karay…………

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I lost my grandma too, she died a few years back and I miss her, her house, her cooking, playing with her dog, going to the shops with her, watching TV with her. I miss the little things like the smell of her carpet for gawds sake! It's so bad. My mother and sister don't feel the same way - mum is over it and my sister was never that close to her. I was though, because as a teenager during my school holidays I was sent round her house to help out, and because she got lonely (she had a nice neighbour and a dog but her friends died or moved house). I spent weeks and weeks round there, also a Christmas. It was so cosy. I miss her voice too. So many happy childhood memories... scootering around the green grass outside the house, Summer in her flowery garden listening to her and mum talk, going to garden shops with both of them and listening to them natter on about what would look nice and what pot sizes to use, etc.

    It's so depressing that I will never have a grandparent ever again, they're all gone now. She was the last one.

    RIP Nan.

  • gwen
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    10 years ago


  • Yes,I also miss my grandmother a lot,beyond words.She went from this world when I was just 93 days old.Everyone says good about her.I miss her love,care,stories,affection etc. etc.

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  • I miss My grandfather (he is my mother's father).... Last August He is died.. but in our family lot of problem.. so my dad family members (Some People) not allowed to stay there.. so my dad also not give me a permission..// really i am very dad in that day.. i miss my grandpa lot.. becaeu he is take care of me from in my childhood// he only drop me in schools/// i always miss my grand pa..

    Insha allah he will go to heaven.... i always pray for him....

  • 10 years ago

    Yes. I think most people do. I hate that moment when yu wake up and intend to say something to them or tell them about a dream you had or something and it just jolts you to remember that you can't but there was one painless second where you thought you still could.

  • Laredo
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    10 years ago

    I really miss my dad although I was in my 50s when he died, there is not a day goes by when I do not think about him and miss.

  • 10 years ago

    I really miss my father...I loss a lot in my life without his presence....may be today he will be with me...I know when he is alive i can learn a lot from him..But at that time i didnot give any atttention..Really miss him a lot....I hope he is seeing me and alwayz be with me..I know till now i have never do anything which he will be proud of me...But iam gonna do a lot......This year defnetly he will be proud of me....Rest in peace...Alwayz be with me...Just support me i can overcome any problem......

  • 10 years ago

    Yes. My good friend Dave died in a tragedy the other day.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes ,i miss my father, who is not in this world now, very much.Wish ,we could know where he is & in what persona.

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