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How do I pay attention when i do notes?

When I take down notes in class, the teachers always explain while we write. I can't pay attention to what they're talking about while i write down at the same time. I don't know why but anyone have a answer?

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    Taking notes is a hard thing for people who more easily concentrate on one thing at a time. I am like that too. I think the best way is to really focus on listening in class. Have your notebook and pen right there. Try to think about what the teacher is saying. Try to think and make connections as he talks. Just write a few words about main points that you want to remember. Write your notes in a way similar to an outline. Don't worry about keeping it neat. Don't write everything. Just write the things that are new to you. If the teacher is speaking directly from a textbook, maybe it would be better for you to just listen to the speaking just to gain more understanding, then write your notes from the textbook.

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    You shouldn't be writing much--don't try to write full sentences. Instead just write a key word or phrase. Learn some abbreviations to use. Never put in articles (a, an, the) or other small words. If you quickly jot something down, you'll be able to take notes and still pay attention as the teacher moves on. (Some people will study by rewriting their notes after class or at the end of the day, while they still remember the details of what their few words meant.)

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    when you write you are more focused on writing than listening and you may write slow enough that you fall behind with the notes (i do so i either wouldnt take notes or i would just write as little as possible so i could listen better) you might be better off not taking notes (unless you have to) and just listen and borrow someone elses notes if you do need them for anything

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