is he jealous, will he take me to prom ?

so i texted this guy who i like ( were good friends . for 4 years . )

ME : OMG guess whos going to prom together

HIM : who ?

ME , jo & chris ( OUR GOOD FRIENDS )

HIM : oh i no , but lets take about something eles.

ME : oh like what ?

HIM : live for the moment

ME : you better tell me what that something eles you better start talking ..

HIM : Oh . lets talk about your prom date

ME : i dont have one yet .

HIM : why ?

ME: no one asked

HIM : CHANGES TOPIC !! Do you like my profile picture ''

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    he's either looking for a better opportunity to ask you out (not through texting)

    or he isn't interested

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