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I-75 or I-95 to Florida from Ontario?

We're driving to Florida in March from Ontario. Which is the better route, I-75 or I-95?

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  • Fred
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    Wow, am I jealous!

    This will depend on your priorities/wants/needs for the trip, as well as what part of the province you're starting out from -- I trust it's Toronto or somewhere within 100 mi / 200 km of it? Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton-London-Windsor sort of vicinity?

    Well, in any case, I'm sure you'll get some worthwhile advice here, but my first piece of advice (if you're not already doing this!) is to also go elsewhere for additional advice; Y!A can be very good, but don't make it your *only* source for this.

    Is your main goal getting there fast & avoiding as much of the traffic tie-ups as possible? Or taking it easy and seeing some sights you would maybe never get to see otherwise? And if you're in it for the sights, are you aiming for urban, rural, historic, or what? Some of the best scenery on the continent lies on each side of the border between our two countries, around the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. Looks like most of it is too far off your path, though.

    If you're starting out as far east as Ottawa, you might consider dropping down I-81, which goes through western NY and eastern PA, and then it follows the Appalachians down through VA into TN, and connects to I-75 in Knoxville, TN. That route has the beauty factor of mountains going for it. Or to take 81 to 95, use I-83 from Harrisburg, PA to Baltimore. Use the western side of I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) to connect to I-95 S from there. (BTW, I live within earshot of the I-95 traffic between Balt. & DC, so if you do this, I might hear you go by!) Again, use those even-hundred+95 routes to jump around urban areas -- I-495 (Capital Beltway) around DC; I-295 around Richmond. Still, you're probably better off staying further west, out of traffic, by staying on 81 in Harrisburg, PA instead of connecting to 83 there. Then you could stick to the route I described above, into Knoxville to connect to 75.

    I suppose I'd be remiss if I didn't promote my area -- the sights of Washington -- the Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, including the Air & Space and Hirshhorn Museums. If you're passing this way late enough in March, and if we've had a warm enough early spring, there's even a possibility you could see the cherry blossoms in bloom around the Tidal Basin -- if so, this is a sight not to be missed!

    If your main decision point is traffic, well, I guess it can get bad on either 75 or 95 at rush hour around major cities -- use the X75/X95 routes, where X is an even digit, to sidestep those. 95 hits more of the big cities, though, and the really big ones, as well as some not-so-big that still have bad traffic at times -- Boston, Hartford, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Richmond, Raleigh. 75 goes through Detroit, Toledo, Cincinnati, Lexington, Knoxville, Atlanta -- not so heavy a list, but still a couple of heavyweights in there.

    Anyway, best of luck on your trip -- hope you get lots of great memories out of it!

  • Woody
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    Outbound - choose one and do the other on the way back.

    75 is not real scenic, but it is also not very congested. (tip-go Through Atlanta on I75 during non-rush hour, the bypass loop around it is a LONG way around)

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