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environmental technician?

I'm doing a school project and was wondering if anybody out there is an environmental technician? I need to know what the average starting salary is and what a more experienced environmental technician makes (how long it takes to earn that pay?) Thanks for any help!

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    Tech job = ~$20,000 starting salary, ~$35,000 top salary, possibly more if you work on the side.

    While you're at it, look into environmental engineering, wildlife management, and conservation.

    "Technician" is a broad title generally given to those who do a variety of low/medium level environmental work. They tend to work under environmental engineers, wildlife managers, and conservationists, doing what they're told, which can be anything from sampling plants to monitoring water quality samples. A tech job is a great way to get into the environmental field, a great starter job, but not ideal in the long term.

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    I worked as an Environmental Technician in college. My major was Environmental Science. I worked for a private consulting firm and worked mostly with water quality and wetlands. I did wetland delineations, sediment testing, water quality testing, etc. I started out at $13 an hour.

    But as I progressed in school I also started doing Environmental Site Assessments and land use planning.

    I found that $13 an hour was on the high end starting out. Most position I looked at started at $10 an hour.

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