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budget - food or utility bills, which is more important to pay?

We are suppose to be on strict budget. We've been getting behind on utility bills because emergency purchases that had to be resolved. We are currently bankrupt, so we have no credit (cards). We always pay our rent on time because we are only allowed one late payment. One of us works full time, & one of us is looking after newborn with no maternity leave, (laid off before pregnancy) We've cut our home line, our cable, and 1 cell phone. The utility companies have sent letter to us that we are behind and that they might shut them off. Our parents give us a lot of hand outs. It makes me feel awful every time. When they were my age they could stand on their own. We also have not made every payment to our bankruptcy. We have no family to watch my baby in the city. So I can work. Also if I did work, my adviser said that would put me in a longer term for bankruptcy, same goes for my husband if he picked up second job. We are arguing what to pay. Any suggestions??


Thanks to all, I'm from Edmonton. High rent, cost of living. By the end of this week the temp is suppose to drop to -33, that's without windchill. We definitely want heat.

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    I applaud your budgeting effort. The restriction on budgeting is that outgo cannot exceed income. The whole budget effort needs to not only balance these two but look ahead and foresee various anomalies that are inherent in the financial process. Weather changing and demanding more "utilities" is a foreseeable item.

    I suggest you revisit your budget and become more realistic about the demands of items that will fluctuate like utilities, clothes, gas or transportation, and considering Obama-nomics - massive run away inflation.

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    I agree with Philocs: If you call all the local churches in your area, most will arrange for you to pick up a gift card. Most of them are $25 to 50 and you can get through the month, if it's just you, your husband and the newborn, with that.

    Is it the heat and water that you are behind on? I don't know where you live but you must pay that bill otherwise it will be very difficult to live with no warm water or heat, especially for your newborn.

    There are also programs in most cities that offer emergency funding for electricity. It's good your husband has a job, because they take employed people first in these cases. You may want to look that up on the internet keywords could be 'emergency hydro help ____' the blank being your town or city. See what you get.

    I wish you luck. January and February are tough because the holiday bills come in and it's cold as heck in some cities. God Bless.

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    I agree with the others, and I'll add: Who's your advisor? Because I don't see how it would make your bankruptcy longer if you or your husband make more money.

    Also, is it possible for you to move back in with your family with the baby while your husband works? It might help you get back on your feet if you can have family help you temporarily.

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    Buy food and contact your utility providers and tell them that you are experiencing financial difficulties and they may help you out. Also you are probably entitled to housing benefit and child tax credits and child benefit so you should claim those asap. You can back date three months. Try and sell stuff on ebay in your spare time and you can make a good income. I know people that use to buy stuff crom charity shops and pound store and make good income. Good luck and all the best

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    you can get a payment plan if you call your utility companies also places like church, salvation army can help you out with food/ groceries

    i reckon buy cheap food and pay for at least part of your bills so the companies can see you are trying to pay them

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    Call local churches, a lot of them have food they give away or even gift cards to grocery stores.

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