Dad asking what happened to his little girl by singing Tiffany?

"What happened to my little girl? The one I took to the Tiffany concert?"

*I think we're alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around!*

(as he does his dance)

What movie was this, and who is the dad? He was also in "Look Who's Talking."

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    Haha! I loved that scene, his girly singing and little dance made me laugh. That was the father of Marcie, the quirky blond girl from Jawbreaker.

    Her father was played by Jeff Conaway. I don't think he was in Look Who's Talking, but he was with Travolta in Grease. He was the badas$ Kenickie and Rizzo's boyfriend. He was also in one of the VH1 Celebrity Rehab shows.

    Here's that scene

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