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Did Nuclear weapons keep us (humanity or canada) safe during the arms race?

the arms race was a competition between the U.S and the soviet union during the cold war to show US supremecy and overall see the fall of communism

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    The irony here is that for all the jeopardy they put our lives in they did indeed keep us safe. Not really because they existed but because both sides were afraid of MAD. Mutally Assured Destruction. MAD assured there would be no winner if it came to a nuclear war.

    Imagine one side just having enough nukes to hit the five largest cities of the other and completely wipe them out while the other side has enough nukes to wipe out the other's five major cities a couple hundred times over each. But it only takes a single nuke to wipe out those cities, so that leaves 995 nukes which can then be used to wipe out the rest of that nation. In that situation, what's to stop a nuclear war when you know you're going to win?

    Now even the odds, both sides now have enough nukes to wipe out their five major cities a hundred times each. So now neither side has the clear advantage and it's afraid that if you launch the nukes the other side will retaliate. You're victory isn't going to be very long, a few minutes at most because as soon as your nukes are detected being launched they'd launch their nukes in retaliation.

    The thing was you had to have level headed people on both sides, people who realized that they couldn't just use the nuke without it causing their own death. So having it became more of a deterrent. Basically "You have the bomb and we have the bomb. You use it against us and our allies and we'll use it against you and your allies. We'll all die together."

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    it rather is a deterrent. So no one will mess with us. And regrettably, they comprehend shall we, as we already have. in fact, we are the only united states that has, so they comprehend we recommend corporation. And even inspite of the indisputable fact that it is not something to inevitably be happy with, via utilizing them in the previous, we stored thousands, if no longer probably extra, American lives. the eastern have been keen to deliver their youthful boys over on suicide missions to kill people. So united statesa. felt it had to take severe measures.

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    Without nuclear weapons and the concept of MAD (described by an earlier answerer) we'd probably be up to world war 6 by now.

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