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Just to add a little perspective on the arab/israeli conflict..?

Well, a lot of people are wondering why the Palestinians refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. But there is a very simple explanation for that. They simply don't believe it has the right to exist. Look at it this way.

The Native Americans were living in North America first, right? But settlers and immigrants kept on coming, until eventually, the Native Americans were forced on to reservations, etc.

But what if the Native Americans recieved enough foreign aid to kick us (the US citizens) out? What if millions of american citizens were forced to either become refugees and flee the country, and the rest of forced to live in a teeny tiny part of land. We would be pretty mad, woudn't we? I mean, sure, the Native Americans were here first, but we had been living on that land for hundreds of years! We would still view the land as ours, no matter what. We would never, ever give it up, and we would keep fighting for it.

So, if you look at things from a Palestinian's point of view, you can see why they might not want to recognize Israel's right to exist. Sure, it's great that Jews now have a national home, but the Palestinians don't have a home now. There has to be another solution.


Thank you for proving my point. In my story, the Native Americans are also the Jews.

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    If that is how you see it, I understand. But, that is not what happened.

    In fact, in your story, Jews are the "Native Americans."

    The first Arabs did not invade until 635 CE. But, most Palestinian Arabs did not move in until post 1920's.

    This is more like, the Native Americans (Jews) being kicked out by invaders.

    Some did stay, but most were kicked out.

    Then, many years later, they moved back and legally purchased back land from the current title holders.

    Then, those people (the Arabs) decided to sell their land to Jews, keep the money, and then kill or expel the Jews and keep the land too.

    Not very nice at all.

    When the land was going to get its first independence since the Romans conquered the Jewish state of Judea, 80% of Palestine was granted independence and renamed Jordan in 1946. The remaining 20% was to be divided into states with borders based on demographic majority.

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    international politics and history show us that the old fashioned intransigence only take us to violence and unnecesary suffering. Palestinian are still in that stage (although i must say that some

    right wing Israelis are there also).

    In your mind you can wish to get all but if you are practical leader, you will have to be transigent with the other side to get to somewhere. Right now Palestinian are stuck with their own wishes.

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    Palestinians have a home... It's called palestine.

    Anyway, might makes right. You can cry all you want if you don't like it, but bullets beat tears any day of the week

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    Analogies are not evidence and the reason is for cases like this, where the analogy doesn't even fit.

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