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My whole entire childhood have been victim of bullying?

so right now im 18 about to graduate highschool in couple month but feeling alot of sevre anxiety,paranoi,sadness, dispair from my whole entire childhood of bullying ever since 2nd grade i remember i was pick on not cause i was fat or ugly or weak i am normal in every way but to make a long story short im a quit indiviaul and speaking of that i never speak a word until highschool , before i never feel like that but right now all this emotion coming out is it cause my subconscious telling me how much i been holden in. Phycology phychiast therapist none help been their for along time the pople who wrong me to blame they made my live a living hell in school , everyone say it like that part of their time in school but for me it like that every single day of the whole school year i been their every one...i was humlited,beaten, and mentally rape beyond ur imagination i would give u an example but it would go on and on and i wouldnt have any word to say but right now u WONDERING why i posting this online WELL I NEED UR ADVICE CAUSE NONE TAT PEOPLE GIVEN MEM WORKING RITE NOW I SEROUSLY NEED IT

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    Enter "bullying" in the searchbar at DECIDE not to be a victim. Take a self defence course, then a martial art, like Kung Fu, or Tae Kwon Do. Go to a gym; pump iron, and eat a healthy, high protein diet to help build muscle mass. Warn bullies first, and never start trouble; you have a legal right to use REASONABLE FORCE to defend youself. If they are the aggressor, and physically stronger, your right to an appropriate response is enhanced.

    Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some extent, so consider professional hypnotherapy, or has ones on coping with bullying, and verbal self defence you may be interested in clicking on.

    Google: "humor; insults" Memorize several. Never repeat one; learn new ones, or make them up. "Better hurry up; you're going to be late for A55HOLE CLA55" & "I see your mother is still (cutting your hair/dressing you); does she still tie your shoelaces as well?", and so on. When you consistently don't respond in the way they desire, and prove yourself a difficult target, they are much more likely to avoid you, and find someone easier, and you will feel much better about yourself for having stood up to them. View: Workplace bullying: see

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    Ok Hun u will be fine ok,ur screrd of change I think, getting out of school is your long time over due brake, time for u to move on and do something u are going to enjoy make new friends and live life. Good luck to you I'm sure u will do fine :)

    Source(s): Me! Same as you x
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    i assume you should assert me and my pals have been the two. We made a factor to do what we mandatory to yet then others did not like our team to lots the two. So each and every from time to time we could %. on human beings we felt deserved it, yet others could supply up crap additionally.

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