Cuernavaca Mexico Mission Trip?

I'm going to Cuernavaca Mexico on a mission trip over Easter break. What types of things should I bring and what Immunizations do I need?

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    You are not required to have any immunizations to visit Mexico, however if you are gregarious about your dining adventures, and will continue international travel in the future, you may want to consider getting the Hepatitus vaccinations. While not absolutely necessary, not a bad idea.

    If while on your mission you are going to be doing any construction or outdoor work, you may want to make sure your tetinus vaccination is current.

    I love Cuernavaca... they call it the "city of eternal spring" and I agree... if you like springtime in New Orleans, because it will be warm and humid. Take along some mosquito repellant that you like because you may need it and they may not have as complete a selection there. Once there, you can pick up some repellant candles or coils locally, if you feel the need in the early evening.

    Even though it's warm, Mexican custom dictates that you wear long pants in the evening, or when dining out. It showers often, but no one carries umbrellas. They just duck into a door way until it passes!

    If you want to take your cell phone for emergency calls, just make sure that you contact your servide provider and turn on international service. But be careful not to lose it. At most farmacies or newsstands you can get long distance cards and make cheap calls back home. If you have an iPhone, you will find wireless hotspots where you can check in on-line.

    For money you can use an ATM card and withdraw pesos for your use. But for general purposes, I'd also take along a supply of small bill US currency just in case... or you need to tip at airports, etc.

    One of my favorite restauants from travels around the world is in Cuernavaca. (I hope it is still there!) If you get the chance, go to Casa Hidalgo just off the zocalo and sit upstairs facing the museo, Palacio de Cortez. In the evening it is lit beautifully. The italian restaurant across the street from the Cathedral is also beautiful from a balcony table at night. Las Mananitas is elegant and upscale... but pretty famous as well. Love the peacocks!

    Read up on the area before you go... consider excursions to Tepoztlan and Taxco. The Robert Brady Museum and the Borda Jardin/garden that used to be the vacation residence of Maxmillian and Carlota are also interesting stops. Spend time just people watching in the zocalo... there is often something going on in the evening... and dancing in the small kiosko a block away on Friday/Saturday evenings... very old school.

    As you can tell, I think Cuernavaca is a fun place!

    Source(s): I've been to Cuernavaca, and I live in Mexico.
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    Cuernavaca Mexico Mission

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  • 10 years ago

    No vaccinations are needed to travel to Cuernavaca, Mexico. Your group leader should provide a list of what to bring. Do NOT bring a cell phone or other gadgets. Bring everyday clothing, not any[]\'thing fancy. Bring a jacket, can have cool mornings and evenings. Mid-day can be in the 80's. Have a great trip.

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