does verbal abuse apply for Emancipation?

if a family is constantly verbally abusing their child are they able to move out of that parents house to live somewhere else? like to the point of them wanting to hurt them self or them being scared that physical abuse is going to be next?


Another thing i will add is that they are in the state of maryland and i am in canada i worry for her she tells me her step father screams at her for the smallest things every time and now her mother does so as well and since i am in a diffrent country i need to know if i can help her * under age as is she* and when i become age of majority since she is my gf would she be able to live with me if she so wishes?

Update 2:

the persons age is 14 mine is 17

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    It all depends on the state, age, and whether the person is able to support themself. A better way to do this, especially as it sounds like the parents are extremely abusive is to go to 1) cops - when an argument breaks out; 2) trusted adult type person - clergy, counselor, family member; 3) get a lawyer.

    You might suggest guardianship to a different adult family member as well. This way the child would be out of the situation and safe. And it is much cheaper and easier to get from a judge as well.

    Finally, if there is no one else, there is the system. Personally in some situations this might be a safer bet all around as well. You just need to call child welfare and report the problem.

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    It depends on the psychological trauma caused by that abuse. If in doubt call Child Protective Service. Best of luck to you.

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    At least in the US, that would not be grounds for emancipation but it could potentially be grounds for the child to be placed in foster care.

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