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Nickent Golf offers 2 driver shafts, UST SR3 and Proforce V2. Which is better for a mid handicap golfer?

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    Proforce V2...great mid-handicap shaft...SR3 more for higher launch angle. Without all your spec's...nobody can tell you what is correct for you.

    I don't know how much the driver is...but both shafts are, "made for Nickent"...and not real OEM shafts.

    Go to EBAY...quit taking the hit on New Clubs....the face hasn't changed in years...just the shape. I just received a New R-11...selling it..junk! I play an old FT-5 with a Daimana Blue Board, S shaft...all beat up...but better than the 100 drivers I have received in the last year!

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    The V2 is a better shaft overall, but the SR3 will help you get the ball in the air better. If you all ready hit the ball high and there is no cost difference, go with the V2.

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    Selecting a shaft based on Handicap is just WRONG.

    You have to know your own Swing Profile to match with the right Shaft.

    For example:

    Swing speed

    Your desired trajectory

    Your tempo

    Launch angle of your Driver shot

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    The V2 works great in their clubs, get it.

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