Does Hermione Granger ever cast a Patronus Charm?

When does she do it, where there dementors around at the time & why is it said that 'she has trouble with' it?

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    Yes. Harry teaches her in the 5th book when they form DA in the Room of the Requirement. They don't have a dementor around.

    I'm not positive, but I think she also casts a patronus in the 7th book after the wedding to let the others know she, Harry, and Ron are OK. Once again, no dementors.

    Hermione has trouble casting a patronus in some of the early books probably because she is not as good at controlling her emotions that way. Harry has more of a reason to want to perform a patronus: when he doesn't, he passes out and hears his parents die. So the motivation to find something happy is extreme. Also, Harry's been doing it a whole two years longer than Hermione's training even begins, which would definitely effect her performance relative to Harry.

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    Does Hermione Granger ever cast a Patronus Charm?

    When does she do it, where there dementors around at the time & why is it said that 'she has trouble with' it?

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    Yeah, in the Room of Requirement she manages it during a DA lesson (book 5).

    It says that she has trouble with it because she does. In book 7, when they are trying to escape from the ministry, she struggles to cast one (there are dementors around), & when she does, it doesn't last long, because she can't stay focused.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: I was reading the other answers and just a quick note...

    Hermione considers sending a message to everyone at the wedding to let them know that they're alright, but she doesn't get around to it...they get a message which tells them not to reply. Just thought I'd point that out.

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    1 time in 5th book- during DA practice.. but not against REAL dementors...

    2 times in 7th book- 1) to communicate with the Order after Bill and Fleur's wedding

    2) when she, Ron, and Harry went undercover at the Ministry to get a horcrux from Umbridge.. They found out they weren't Ministry workers (they had polyjuice potion) and sent dementors to capture them. (they escape though)

    I'm not reallly sure WHY she has trouble with it.. Maybe because she used to get a lot of ridicule for being a nerd so its hard for her to find a really happy memory... She might've used it more than the times I mentioned but I was just pulling those out of my head... HOPE THAT HELPED! :)

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    Jo is correct but I just wanted to add that in the fifth book she does try but I'm fairly sure that she does cast it, but briefly. I may be wrong though because I haven't read the series in a while.

    Also she casts it in the seventh book when they're in the Ministry of Magic and in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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    She does it during the fifth book while training in the DA. She has trouble because she just can't focus with unhappy memories flooding her, and she does it a lot during the seventh book. Her patronus is an otter, too.

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    Yes, she does do it but I'm not sure when. And she has difficulty with it. It's like saying that you're good at math yet you can't get some sort of Trig. function to stick into your head. And there are times when dementors are around, I believe she tries it in the "Deathly Hallows."

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    She does the spell in the room of requirement in the fifth book. Her patronus is a otter (which is jk rowlings favorite animal). I think she has trouble with it because she always uses her head and you have to remember your emotions and feelings.

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    she does it in the 7th part!

    its because she feels nervous in doing it and she finds it really very difficult to think of happy memories to cast the spell when dementors are around!

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    When they are in the room of requirement all practicing their patronaus while harry is teaching them, there are no dementors there

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