help me choose/find a dress?

i really love these kinds of dresses and i want one for my birthday next month but i'm 14 (almost 15) and i have the money to buy those but i would rather not spend it all on that. can u find a similar dress but cheaper? i don't care if it's a different print (as long as it is still cute) but keep the shape/form of the dress. or do you think i should just buy the ones below?

so cute!!

gorgeous but $70?

this is probably my favorite one but its $70 and it's only avaible online so i can't try it on

really pretty! plus its on sale for $40

nice too and on sale for $40

(pink color) its really cute and girly

there are these cheaper one on sale too but they're not as cute as other ones:

4 Answers

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