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How much is 3 textbooks from Upper Canada College dating from 1848 to 1898?

I have three text books from Upper Canada College dating from 1848 to 1898 and would like to know if they have value, and if so how much? Basically I want to find out if they are worth selling, if the price is right i'll sell them, but if they aren't worth much I'd like to keep them because in 30 years I could give my kid a 200 year old book....

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    There are several web sites I recommend you go to and search for valuations of your books. You may or may not find the info you seek.

    In no particular order of preference:

    eBay -

    For the widest possible search, just select the Books category and enter the words Upper Canada College in the search box. -

    This web site has a search engine to help find books and the values set on them by other online sellers. The search engine searches multiple online bookselling sites, like Amazon, abeBooks, Alibris, etc.

    You may also wish to talk with a reference librarian at your local public library to find out if the library holds some "antiques" pricing guides that may help you. There is the printed series American Book Prices Current, an annual record of books, manuscripts, autographs, maps and broadsides sold at auction in North America and the UK and other parts of the world. If the library holds the series, information on previous auction sales of your textbooks may (or may not) be listed.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Over 30 years experience as a reference/information librarian in the USA
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