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Do i need to follow the P90X nutrition Guide?

ok to start things off im 18 and i weigh 290lbs and Ive started the p90x last week sunday and a couple nights i ago i decieded to read the Nutrion plan and the diet it does seem very strict but i cant follow it and that isnt me saying im refusing to thats me saying i cant cause i cant afford it i still live with my mom and two older siblings (like 20 yrs older) and all of us have a hard time as it is paying for rent and the cheap no name brands you get at grocery stores. i have cut back on me eating alot ive stopped eating at night im starting to take smaller portions of food and eat small healthy snacks during the day like Rice cakes, Fruit and drink strickly water. but the nutrion plan put a scare on me thinking what if im just wasting my time doing the p90x work outs. and my family they order out a couple times a month what should i do in that area cause well i have a family who just likes eating there junk food and fattening food where me i dont really care for it anymore but i still do eat some unhealthy food im not gonna lie but i try my best to stay away from it. so basically can some answear my question and give me some advice please this is coming from a fat guy who really wants to turn his life around.

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    You are in a tough spot because you don't control the food that comes into your house. I feel that if you eat better you should be fine. I did not follow the nutrition plan at all either. Like you I was a little intimidated by it. I did however eat clean and only ate fish, vegetables and fruit. If you stick to this then you can get through this. The most important part is to do the exercises and watch what you eat. No FAST Food. It is the worst. Look at the nutritional information before you eat anything. For example I went to Chili's and figured I would get a salad. Quesadila Explosion is what it was called. Well that SALAD had over 1,000 calories. I would definitely go through the nutrition guide for the types of food that work. Eat 5 times a day, small portions too. Have you signed up for Beachbody yet? There is a free part of their website that allows you to auto schedule your workouts. It is quite helpful in keeping track. When I started P90x back in May I was at 220 pounds, now I am down to 167 so I know if can be done. Please click the link below to follow my fitness journey. You can also find the free part of the Beachbody website on the right in the Blogroll. Let me know if you have any questions.


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