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Homework question, Please Help!?

I have to write a "letter to a government official" as an assignment for school

Since I did my (ypi) project on a food bank, I have to write this letter addressing the issue of "hunger in toronto" (this means the I cannot change it)

So what would be a good suggestion to the government about reducing hunger in toronto?

I'm stuck an this question, so please help?


Who exactly should I address this letter to?

What level of government do you think I should address this issue to?

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    Hunger in Toronto is a problem which has it's roots in more basic elements of human assistance. The vast majority of those who go hungry in that position because of a basic breakdown in their formation of their life long skills. So instead of throwing money at a problem which will first never ago away with out solutions of root problems, but also will grow in size as the population increases, why not send money where it will provide an end to this problem on the mass scale.

    1) Education - Education is the most important tool you can provide someone so that they can provide for themselves. At pre-college level institutions, increase funding for teachers, for student services, and for social services. Make sure the money is there so that no child is left behind. If there are problems at home preventing them from going to school, fund solutions such as child protective services or funding for parents to provide housing and nutrition.

    2) Mental health services - People on the street are often not there by choice. Many are there because they lack the basic mental health services which can help them become productive members of society.

    *Help with addiction

    If someone can't overcome a personal addiction to drugs, gambling, or whatever else is holding them back, then they can't succeed.

    *Help with mental issues

    If someone is suffering from a disorder which prevents them from doing the basic things that can help them feed, cloth and house themselves, they will always need help. Help them help themselves.

    There are other issues and limited funding. If even just these two issues could be addressed, the hunger issue in Toronto would become a problem we would only read about in text books.

    Source(s): Wrote that quick, hope it helps.
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    open more soup kitchens, have food drives for the poor, etc. :)

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