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How do i get a guarantor for Canadian Birth Certificate?

So Ive put in a request for my birth certificate but its on hold till i have a guarantor. However, I haven't know anyone of a guarantor qualification for 2 years! And, If I was to find someone, what do they have to do/send?

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    What province are you from? Each has their own regulations, although they will be similar. In Ontario, the follow people can be a guarantor:

    * Chief of a band recognized under the Indian Act (Canada)

    * Chiropractor

    * Dentist

    * First Nations police officer

    * Judge

    * Justice of the Peace

    * Lawyer

    * Mayor

    * Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario (MPP)

    * Midwife

    * Minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages

    * Municipal clerk or treasurer (a member of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario)

    * Notary public

    * Nurse

    * Optometrist

    * Pharmacist

    * Physician

    * Police officer (Municipal, Provincial, RCMP)

    * Principal or Vice-Principal (primary or secondary school)

    * Professional accountant

    * Professional engineer

    * Psychologist

    * Senior administrator (community college or in a CEGEP)

    * Senior administrator or professor in a university

    * Signing officer of a bank, caisse d'économie, caisse populaire, credit union or trust company.

    * Social worker or social service worker

    * Surgeon

    * Teacher in a primary or secondary school

    * Veterinarian

    The easiest ones from this list might be a doctor, dentist, teacher or vet. Have you known any of those for two years or more? In Ontario, they are not required to sign the birth certificate application but you must have their permission to use them and in this day and age you can be fairly certain they will be contacted to confirm your identity.

    For more information on the process in Ontario, check here:

    For other provinces, check here:

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    As far as I know you don't need a guarantor if this is for a child under 9 years old

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    if your just renewing your passport any one can act as guarantor. They brought that change in to alleviate line ups earlier this year. For a new passport or expired passport it still has to be one of those professions. Go to the family doctor you had as a kid?

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    Birth Records Search Database -

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