what are some countries that use children in their military today?

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    9 years ago
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    Countries with with children involved in ongoing conflicts:

    (G: government armed forces, P: paramilitaries, O: armed opposition groups)

    Colombia (P,O)

    Mexico (P,O)

    Peru (O)

    Russian Federation (O)

    Turkey (O)

    Yugoslavia (former Rep. of) (P,O)

    Algeria (P,O)

    Angola (G,O)

    Burundi (G,O)

    Chad (G)

    Republic of Congo (G,O)

    Dem. Rep. of the Congo (G,O)

    Eritrea (G)

    Ethiopia (G)

    Rwanda (G,O)

    Sierra Leone (G,P,O)

    Somalia (all groups)

    Sudan (G,P,O)

    Uganda (G,O)

    Iran (G,O)

    Iraq (G,O)

    Israel and Occupied Territories (G,O)

    Lebanon (O)

    Afghanistan (all groups)

    India (P,O)

    Indonesia (P,O)

    Myanmar (G,O)

    Nepal (O)

    Pakistan (O)

    Philippines (O)

    Solomon Islands (O)

    Sri Lanka (O)

    East Timor (P,O)

    Tajikistan (O)

    Papua New Guinea (O)

    Uzbekistan (O)

    Source(s): United Nations NOTE: Data may be outdated as it's mostly from 2000/2001
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Define children. If you mean under 18, then countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan...basically the Middle East and Africa or as most people refer to them - the places no one cares about.

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't think its the actual countries using the children in their military its most likely rebel armies from third world countries(such as counrties in africa)

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