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Do you think, by conducting this method, I could achieve a 95?

Grade 12 is next year, and my future is in my hands next year.

I have to get a 95% to get into either UBC, UofT, McGill (FIRST PREFERENCE), or McMaster.

My method is going to be:

1) Do homework EVERY SINGLE DAY

2) Delete MSN & FaceBook

3) Study everyday, everything I learned from Day 1, so when I go during test times, I will be fully ready!

4) Make cuecards at home, after taking a lecture, so I will be fully prepared for tests!

5) Read all the books for Grade 12 and make notes in the summer, this includes

Biology 12

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

Advanced Functions 12

Calculus 12

I will make notes, finish the book, do the questions, and make sure that I am fluent in the course

6) Get a good tutor

7) Go for extra help all the time, not slack off, and gain the teachers respect and friendship so they can recommened me to Universities

8) Make friends with the super smarties for help!

9) Give it all I got.


P.S im in gr.11

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