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why is it that he doesn't text me first?

Ok so i went to a club with my friend and i got his number becuse he works at this club that i went to.he seemed interested in me and i was very flirty cause im aggressive, so its been two days since i met him i know its not a long time but ive texted him first the last two days and he always texts me back. but maybe its because he doesnt to hurt my feelings i dont know?im 21 and he didnt tell me his age yet lol i know this is funny also hes very good looking and you know good looking guys are all players so he must be messing with me lol who know. whats your opinion on this? why does he even boter texting me back if hes not interested?why doesnt he strt texting me first. annoying player lol

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    Well first of all not all good looking guys are players. Now whether he is one or not is a different question. You didn't mention what you texted about or what he replied, which would've really helped, but generally if he texts you back but doesn't text first it doesn't necessarily mean much. It could be that he's got a girlfriend, or a boyfriend for that matter, or maybe he's really busy and doesn't think to text you unless you text him first, or perhaps he's a bit shy. A lot of guys don't even notice things like this, and so they don't bother making the first move.

    Honestly, it could be a great number of things, so my advice for you is to just keep texting him first, and focus on the conversations rather than on who's texting who first. If he shows interest through his texts, or maybe starts flirting, then you'll have your answer, and the worst you have to lose by making the first move is getting your ego beat up, and that's a risk I think you should be willing to take.

    Hope this helps, and the best of luck :)

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