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GOLF-Which flex should I select, Proforce V2 STIFF or REGULAR (please see details)?

I am purchasing a new Nickent 4dx driver. My average swing speed is about 90 to 95 mph (upper end for Regular and lower end for Stiff). I want to make sure I get the ball up at a decent trajectory and am unsure which FLEX I should select. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would say the regular just to get a little more flex ( clubhead speed ) I have a 105 mph swing and have a stiff flex and it bends the same as when I had a 90 mph swing speed.

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    What's your tempo like? If you're stuck between flexes, a good idea is to go with tempo. If it's slower (like Ernie Els) you can use a "R", because you don't put as much stress on the shaft throughout the entirity of the swing. If you have a fast tempo (like Nick Price or JB Holmes) go with the "S", since you'll place more stress on the shaft.

    You could also tip-trim the "R", making it play more like a R.25, R.5 or R.75 (depending on how much is trimmed off the tip). I'd only go this route after consulting a clubfitter, though. Shaft's are too expensive (especially when compared to what little they do compared to the head and grip) to go hacking away at it without a thorough game plan.

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    Hey Robert. Love the question. I'm a very avid golfer myself. Actually looking to head to a new golf school in Florida soon! But to answer your question: There's a couple things to look at when deciding. The club head speed is good. And you're right, you're kind of borderline. It comes down to a couple particulars with the swing. One thing I'd recommend looking at is how your transition is with the back swing to down swing. If it's more "jerky", you're gonna benefit from a stiffer shaft as the jerk tends to exert a tad bit more force on the shaft (resulting in a little quicker club head). Another thing to look at is where your drives tend to go. Simple: right or left. If you're right-handed (I'm a lefty, so I gotta re-think everything I've learned! :)) and drives are hanging to the right, you're gonna want a softer shaft (this means the club face is a bit open at impact...and a softer shaft will square a little better). And vice versa; if you're yanking them to the left, the club head is closing on you and you'd benefit from a stiffer shaft (i.e. too much flex with a "regular" rated shaft). Personally, if it was my problem, I'd hit the gym just a tad more and find a decently-rigorous stretch routine. The little extra muscle and flexibility are gonna give you more of a consistency in your club head speed. In your case, a faster, consistent club head speed will get you into the "stiff" shaft.

    And Bobcat...learn more about golf before you ever answer a question again...thanks. Just because my answer upset you with how much I know of the game, doesn't make it crappy. But nice try and good game. :)

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    I'd say try them both. Go to a proshop or golf superstore and ask to try them both. Maybe they'll even put you on a launch monitor. It's a nice driver and a nice shaft.

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    Go with the regular, it will work best for your swing speed. I hate long crappy answers.

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