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What is the WEIGHT of the PROFORCE V2 SHAFT fitted on Nickent's 4DX Driver (Reg. and Stiff)?

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    The stock shaft with the Nickent 4DX is the UST Proforce V2, the Nickent SR3 Graphite is also available. The Proforce V2 comes in a variety of weights; see below:


    V2 55

    A, R, S, X

    Weight - 57 g

    Torque – 3.7

    Bend Point - Low

    V2 65

    A, R, S, X

    Weight - 65 g

    Torque – 3.0

    Bend Point – Low-Mid

    V2 75

    R, S, X

    Weight - 76 g

    Torque – 2.2

    Bend Point – Mid

    V2 Lady


    Weight - 55 g

    Torque – 5.2

    Bend Point - Low

    V2 Junior


    Weight - 62 g

    Torque - 4.9

    Bend Point - Low

    Profile – The Proforce V2 line is the perfect mix between low torque and a responsive tip. UST’s challenge with this shaft was to design a product that could keep a larger head stable without a “boardy” feel. The previous UST Proforce line - known to many as the “purple and yellow ones” were solid low torque options but many people I talked to felt they lacked feel.

    What Makes It Work – UST has focused the majority of their efforts on the tip section of this shaft. With input straight from the tour UST has been able to create a high performance shaft that is very versatile. The V2 has a lower torque rating than the original ProForce and is very stable for today’s oversized drivers. It manages to combine this with a fairly responsive tip section that produces a mid trajectory ball flight with low spin.

    Who’s it For – UST has tried to create a V2 for everyone… the shaft is offered in 5 different models. The V2 55 is geared towards the slower swinger that wants tip stability and a higher ball flight. The V2 65 and V2 75 are designed for golfers with a quicker swing. The ball flight created by these shafts is a bit lower than the V2 55. The company also offers a V2 Lady (in a pink and purple color scheme)and V2 Junior. Like any shaft.. it’s vital that a golfer finds the right shaft for them.

    The clubhead.

    The crown of the club is made from super thin titanium, that is only .4mm thick, which greatly reduces the weight of the clubhead. That allowed Nickent to make a 460cc directional driver tour shape driver with cutting-edge weight technology. The raw clubhead weight is a mere 180 grams. The result is a driver that is going to give you a high swing speed. The underside of the club near the rear of the clubhead, you’ll notice the same XW insert technology used in Nickent’s irons and hybrids to increase the MOI. The XW tungsten-polymer inserts absorb vibration from impact, reducing a majority of the shock and hard tungsten plugs or screws create.

    The standard grip is the Lamkin NNG

    A lot of good reviews seen, I'm tempted to look into it myself!

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    The weight of the Proforce V2 shaft is the same for an R or S shaft (57g). The difference comes in with the difference in the weight dispersion in the butt, mid and tip parts of the shaft.

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    Proforce V2

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