Help me decide what truck I need for work?

I have a 85 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 8k miles on new motor carb an radiator an it's a good truck no rust or anything but I don't think it has enough power I'm planning on starting some kind of moving / hauling business like cars trucks hay whatever needs to me moved an I would pull a Gooseneck trailer an I am thinking about trying to trade my truck i just had an offer for a 94 2door cab an chassis dually with flat bed it has the 5.9 cummins with 189,000 miles with 5speed trans an it sounds like a good work truck but idk if I should trade what do y'all think an also is there anyone who thinks I should get a different truck I'm debating on a 7.3 power stroke or 5.9 cummins or maybe a 6.5 or big block chevy just let me know what you think is the perfect work truck for me I'm just looking for a power house that will move whatever I hook it to

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  • 10 years ago
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    Dodge trucks and cars are bound to have problems after 30,000 miles so 189,000 is very likely to have big problems. Ford trucks are decent in quality and reliability but Toyota and Nissan have the best reliability. I would buy a Toyota Tundra if its big enough for your work because it has a nice 4.8 liter V8, great quality and it gets decent MPG'S. If you buy a dodge or chevy you will spend lots of money on repairs and gas. The Toyota does it all and can tow over 8,000 pounds. It doesn't have as big of an engine as the Dodge or the others but since the Toyota engine is so advanced it puts a good amount of power down. Best of all you can get one for around 6 grand. I found one with the TRD off road edition,

    If you certainly can't get a Toyota because it isn't big enough or its too expensive go for the Ford, they are the best American truck. Go for the early 2000 F-250 with the 5.4 liter triton. Here is one for 5.5k

    Hope I helped

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    10 years ago

    For pulling gooseneck car haulers, a 1 ton truck or larger would be preferred. GM/Chevy/Dodge 3500 or Ford F-350.

    More important than brand or size of diesel engine, is how well the truck has been maintained. When shopping, make sure the truck has been maintained and serviced regularly and properly. Diesels can be quite costly to repair, but if they have been taken care of, they will last quite a long time.

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