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people with perfume allergies?

perfume companies make lotions that have their perfumes in it. are these lotions ok or is the perfume in the lotion still too strong to wear around people with perfume allergies?

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    Any person which is allergic to fragrance oils must stay away from everything that includes a fragrance. This means, soaps, lotions, bubble baths, creams, perfume and colognes and also many cleaning supplies.

    Candle shops, gift shops, stationary stores, some health food stores, almost all toiletry products. As you can tell, if the stuff smells when you open it, it probably used a fragrance oil when they made it.

    Now remember though, not every person is allergic to every fragrance though either. Maybe someone is allergic to anything which uses flower waters or oils but they may be fine if the product contains tree oils.

    I am one of those people which gets migraines around a person with perfumes or colognes but give me a bottle of Pine-Sol any day and it does not affect me.

    Source(s): this is usually covered under environmental allergies by most doctor's so for a little more information check at:
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    I wouldn't chance it. My husband's family is convinced his grandma has perfume allergies, because she almost fainted one time in a Bath and Body Works. They act like you're deliberately trying to murder her if you so much as put some Vaseline lotion on your dry hands.

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