Where can I find free online live tutoring?

I am currently in grade 11 and I really want to raise my marks up for when i go to grade 12 as well as when I register for university next year. I can't afford to spend money so if anyone knows any sites for free online live tutoring [preferably 1 to 1] that will be very helpful.

The subjects that I need help with (in order of needed help the most):

1. Physics

2. English

3. Math

4. French

Thank you.

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    there's tutorvista.com but you have to pay for it. maybe you can bargain for a lower rate (they charge $20 the 1st week, but try ask for a lower offer).

    also, your library may have one of those free online "Ask a Librarian" chat thing, where you can ask for help, why don't you check out you county's library website.

    and remember, you can always try staying after school to ask your teacher questions. or there might be free tutoring in your schools (although its peer to peer), like National Honors Society.

    if all fails, there's always yahoo answers.

    p.s. try get a job to raise $ like working at your public library (they may offer checks or servic hours).

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    1 decade ago

    Hi, I know getting a tutor is very expensive.

    Just post math related questions at http://mathdigger.wordpress.com/

    Post them in comment section of any of my posts.

    That is my blog where I help students with their math problems. :-)

    Subscribe to the blog.

    Thanks and Good luck!


    I will try to help as much as possible because once you subscribe to that blog everything is free. But If you need one on one tutoring in Math I can do it online with a very small charge/hour.

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