How much does booze cost in the US?

I'm Canadian, and one of my favourite perks of vacationing in the Caribbean is being able to bring home cheap liquor. This year I got a litre of vodka and a 750ml (26er) of rum for a total of $8.

It's so saddening to walk through our liquor stores here and see that the cheapest vodka is $23.50 for a 750ml bottle, which would cost more like $4 or $5 elsewhere in the world.

So I'm curious, are prices on alcohol lower in the US than they are in Canada? For the sake of comparison, what is the cheapest 26oz vodka bottle available in your state?

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    9 years ago
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    I'm in Washington, DC (which is expensive) and a smallish bottle of Smirnoff vodka costs $18. Burnett's is $14 (cheapest) and they have more expensive kinds as well.

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    9 years ago

    WOW must be nice!!!

    Here in the States the Govt taxes liquor up the WAZOO... like adding VAT and the other one you pay to everything else to liquor!

    CHEAP 750ml Vodka here is $11 US -- the drinkable stuff, like Absolute is $24 for the same size.

    Everclear is $12/fifth (I use that to make flavored cordials).

    Kahlua in Mexico is about $5/liter... in the states is $24! Go figure!

    I bought dark rum in Dominican Republic for about $4/fifth.... Here same bottle is $12.

    Source(s): Society for Creative Anachronism Cordial Maker... buy alot of cheap vodka! Arizona
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    9 years ago

    I wouldn't be able to guess. I don't buy based on price. I buy based on quality. The last case of beer I bought was $69. Life is too short to drink crappy alcohol.

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