Laptop left in the cold car?

I left my laptop in the car the other night and it was pretty cold. I went to my car at break time (I was at work) and watched a video. Something told me to take it inside, but I did not. I shut it down and left it in the car. When I got home, I turned it on and hooked up my external hard drive. The window I had open suddenly became fuzzy and laptop froze, (no mouse movement or anything). I took the battery out and unplugged it to shut it down. When I went to turn it back on, it now does a continuous start up loop but never loads. Also, I can hear the fan and the hard drive attempting to power up, but it just shuts back off every 2 to 3 seconds. All the blue lights on the front comes on also. I'm worried because the hard drive light will come on and go out and I think that means the hard drive is dead.

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    You are probably right.

    The parts in the hard drive probably got scraped up when you ran it while it was too cold.

    Cold shrinks metal. The spindle bearing, actuator arm bearings etc could have been damaged.

    As you said it's all normal till the hard drive lights up then it cuts out.

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    Cold weather does no harm to computers, some people use liquid nitrogen to cool their parts. The cold wrecks havoc on lcd screens though and you should never turn the lcd on until the screen (ie Liquid Crystal Display) has warmed up and flow better.

    I can't see how the cold broke your computer parts though.

    Edit: LO- was there a hose in your car? LCDs are sealed displays unless there are ice sickles growing how would there be water damage? The screen will not freeze solid unless it's super cold it will barely work and look horrible (i've done it before) but it will still work.

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    You should NEVER leave any type of electronics in the car in the cold. The cold will freeze the screen (literally) so consequently, when you take the laptop inside to the warmth the ice melts causing water damage. I would take the laptop to where you bought it and see if they'll look at it, but usually any kind of warranty you had on it will be canceled if there is any water damage.

    Source(s): Happened to me.
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    Yeah.. It's a goner.

    Sorry, man.

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