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cervix low and closed?

Me and my boyfriend had sex on the last day of my period. Being day 5 of my cycle. Now my cervix was high and open which i think is normal??

Being a week and a bit later my cervix is very low and closed. I'm suppose to be ovulating today so why is my cervix low and closed?

I have a 25 day cycle and i use a calendar online to track my ovulation days.

Online it says that if this happens then i have already ovulated?

Can someone explain this to me?

Sex was all unprotected ofcourse.


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    Actually when U ovulate ur cervix should be high and open and then b4 ur period and while u are on it as well its suppose 2 drop and be slightly closed but open enough 2 allow the blood flow of ur period .After ur period it stays low but closed. Its said that checking the cervix position is not a very good or recomended way 4 checking 4 pregnancy so ur positions might mean nothing. I presonally think that it worked 4 me in finding out that I was pregnant but every1 is different. I think that maybe ur just ovulating late and thats why ur cervix is low and closed. If u were pregnant its suppose 2 be high and closed but when that happens differs with every woman and doesnt always happen early in pregnancy. Hope thi helps and good luck!

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