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What states were part of the Confederacy in the civil war?

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    Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana,Georgia, and Florida.

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    Technically, the correct answer would be "which state governments were part of the Confederacy in the Civil War".

    Every state in the South had Unionists who opposed secession, and fought for the Union. In fact, every Southern state but SC, fielded Union regiments, and many Southerners fought in Union regiments from other states. Some of William T. Sherman's most dedicated soldiers were from Alabama. Tennessee would have split in two over secession (taking portions of Northern Alabama and Mississippi with it) if it were not for Confederate bayonets holding those areas by force in the CSA. Virginia did split into two separate states over the conflict.

    Throughout the war, there was white dissent, and open guerrilla warfare between Unionists & Confederates.

    Check out the book "Bitterly Divided, The South's Inner Civil War", by David Williams (a Southern author) The book documents a different Southern perspective of the war, than the one put forth by

    movies like "Gone With The Wind" & "Gods & Generals".

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    Texas mississippi Alabama Georgia south Carolina north Carolina virginia Arkansas louisana Florida Tennessee. Kentucky and missouri did not leave the union

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