Need Kpop, Jrock, Jpop, Cpop Bands/Artists?

Anyone know any good ones???

I like D'espairsRay, the GazettE, alicenine., Kagrra, Vamps, L'Arc en Ciel, Remioromen, MBLAQ, DBSK, JYJ, SS501, Rainbow, Jay Chou.

Also recommend me some good songs from the bands/artists I already have.

Preferably male vocalists.

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    Okay so lemme tell you first of all I don't listen to Cpop, (but I have listened to Top Combine once and they sounded pretty good)

    BUT I can give you some great recommendations for J-rock and Kpop


    1) DBSK - The first ever K-pop band I got COMPLETELY obsessed with. And trust me, the leader of the group, Jaejoong, is an angel who was sent by God from the heavens I'm not even lying. Never in my life I've seen such a gorgeous guy! I love ALL their songs but my favourite by them is probably Mirotic. (other songs: Purple Line, Are you a good girl, Wrong number, Hug, Love in the Ice, Balloons etc...)

    2)SHINee- listen to Replay or Juliette and I can BET that you're gonna fall in love with them. And they are all unbelievably cute *_* Especially Taemin (he's my life)

    (other songs: Love like oxygen, Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong, Jo Jo, Amigo)

    3) Bigbang- These guys are just AWESOME!! You MUST listen to Lies and Haru Haru (other songs: Gara gara go, lalala, Last farewell, Beautiful Hangover, Lollipop etc...)

    These three are my ones. I'm just gonna list the rest okay? :D

    4) Super Junior- listen to Sorry Sorry

    5) 2PM - listen to Again and Again

    6) SS501- listen to Love Ya

    7) Beast/B2ST- listen to Shock

    8) U-kiss- listen to Bingeul Bingeul or Man Man Hani

    9)2NE1 - They're not "too girly" unlike bands like SNSD but Idk you might as well like SNSD

    10) Hmm probably MBLAQ or FT island (can't decide)

    There are also girl bands like Brown Eyed Girls(they're quite good actually :P), After School, f(x) etc.. so try them ;)

    Moving on to J-Rock now :D Oh maayyn I'm kinda tired :s. I'll just list my top ten bands alright? Actually I can't even choose my top ten because there are too many great bands that I love. But Gazette and Girugamesh are my favourite ^_^ Oh you already have L'Arc en Ciel so I won't include them but I LOVE Gazette so I'm still gonna put them on my list anyway :)

    1) Gazette - (I'ma hardcore fan ><)

    2) Girugamesh- listen to Break Down, Owari to mirai, Vermillion, Volcano etc..

    3) Asian Kung-Fu Generation- listen to Rewrite, After Dark, Haruka Kanata

    4) Dir en grey- liusten to Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No (some long name)

    5) U-ver world - D-technolife

    6) SuG- Butterfly boy, Alterna

    7) Maximum the Hormone- Zetsubou Billy, What's up people?

    8) Nightmare- Alumina

    9)Deluhi-Hybrid Truth

    10) Alice Nine, An Cafe, SID, Vivid, Lynch, Sadie, Unsraw, 12012, Sincrea, 9goats blackout, Plastic tree, LM.C etc etc etccc ( I told you there are too many >_<)

    OMG I forgot Versailles. They're really good btw ^^ And my Jrock list wasn't really in order so please forgive my for that *puppy eyes*

    J-Pop- You really should listen to KAT-TUN they're so great and also Arashi and NEWs and Hey Say Jump.... Yeah they are the only ones I know :| But listen to KAT-TUN kay? :D

    Alrighty I'm done now*smile* *smile* ^.^

    Enjoyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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    4 years ago

    I personally like SCANDAL and YUI's music. Today, I discovered Versailles and I love their music to bits. I also like Kiyoharu because he sings in a very breezy way (which is weird for a Jrock singer). When in doubt, I check the singers of anime openings/endings because they always turn out to be really great artists. Some of my finds from anime songs are SuG, +Plus, Kato Kazuki, Sid and Hi-fi Camp.

  • sarah
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    10 years ago

    Only listen to some Jrock & Jpop, but --

    Golden Bomber, -OZ-, UnsraW, chariots, ViViD, Dir en grey, D, MUCC, Karasu, Sadie, Matenrou Opera, ScReW, lynch., GHOST, Moran, Vidoll, deathgaze, Vistlip, Nega, Versailles

    Lots of people other like songs from bands such as An Cafe, SuG, and LM.C, though I personally...hate their music.

    Good songs from

    D'espairsray: Reddish, Sixty Nine, Marry of the Blood, Garnet...pretty much anything from their Mirror album too

    the GazettE: Toguro, Saraba, The Social Riot Machines, Nausea & Shudder, Sugar Pain & of course songs like Filth in the Beauty, Cockroach, Taion, etc

    I don't really listen to the others you listed. Hope I helped out a little bit as far as Japanese music goes. :P

  • Homakp
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    10 years ago


    i can help you only about kpop:

    my favorites and songs:


    SS501 ( my #1): love ya, love like this, crazy 4 U, 4 chance,U R Man, because I'm stupid, wuss up (kim kyu jong solo), only one day, never again

    UKiss (my #3): man man hani, bingeul bingeul, talk to me

    TVXQ (my #2): love on the ice, purple love, kiss the baby sky(jpop), mirotic(jpop)

    Shinee: amigo, Lucifer

    super junior: it's you, sorry sorry, bonamana,

    seo tai ji: human dream, moai, juliet


    SNSD: genie, hoot, run devil run!, gee (japonese version), oh!

    Kara: pretty girl, lupin

    wonder girls: nobody, so hot

    F(x) : Chu

    BoA: most of her songs, like "did it for love" & " eat you up"

    you can download all these songs and videos here: or

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  • 10 years ago

    For Cpop, u should listen to khalil fong, his music has a contemporary rnb sound to it.

    You could try singalong song from him,its my favourite!

    As for Kpop, B2ST's Bad Girl is a really good and upbeat song.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    MBLAQ, DBSK/TVXQ, and SS501 are all amazing

    Also listen to

    *BEAST/B2ST (Male) {#1 Favorite} - Shock, Soom, Beautfiul, Mystery, Lightless

    *SHINee (Male) {Another Favorite} - Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Up &Down, Obsession

    *2ne1 (Female) {Best girl group} - Go Away, Can't Nobody, Pretty Boy, I Don't Care

    *4minute (Female) - Huh, Muzik, Hot Issue, I My Me Mine

    *U-Kiss (Male) - Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up!!, Am I That Easy, Ok

    *DGNA/The Boss (Male) - Stumble Stumble, Admiring Boy

    *Miss A (Female) - Bad Girl Good Girl, Breathe

    *Super Junior (Male) - Sorry Sorry, Bonamana

    *f(x) (Female) - Chu, Nu ABO, La ChA TA

    *T-Ara (Female) - Like The First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, YaYaYa, I Go Crazy Because Of You

    *Teen Top (Male) - Clap, Supa Luv

    *Infinite (Male) - Before The Dawn, Come Back Again

    *CN Blue (Male) - I'm A Loner, Love

    *F.Cuz (Male) - Jiggy, Wanna Be Your Love, No One

    *BoA (Female) - Copy & Paste, Game, Hurricane Venus, Eat You Up

    *Kara (Female) - Jumping, Lupin

    *SNSD/Girls Generation (Female) - Run Devil Run, Hoot, Oh!

    *TRAX (Male) - Oh! My Goddess

    *Big Bang (Male) - Haru Haru, Lollipop2

    *Secret (Female) - Madonna, Magic, Shy Boy

    *Sistar (Female) - Push Push, How Dare You

    *2pm (Male) - I'll Be Back, Tired Of Waiting

    *2am (Male) - I Did Wrong

    *Co-Ed School (Male/Female) - Too Late

    *Dalmation (Male) - Round 1

    *ZE:A (Male) - Mazeltov, All Day Long

    Source(s): Big Kpop fan <3l
  • 10 years ago



    an cafe


    VIVID rock not pop



    L.M.C the genre all there own

    matenrou opera if you like versailles you like them


    KISAKI PROJECT feat.樹威



    Hizaki and Hizaki Grace project solo project Versailles gutaires solo project and teru playes in the grace one Ps Teru in dress he the cutes thing ever

    all jrock and jpop

    kpop only one i really know is samuel tai that you havent listed

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'm a HUGE KPOP FAN so here is my list...

    -Super Junior: No Other, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Don't Don, Dancing Out, Marry U, The Girl is Mine, U, Wonder Boy, Knockout, Mirror, It's You

    -Super Junior H: Pajama Party, Cooking Cooking

    -Super Junior M: Blue Tomorrow, Super Girl, U

    -Super Junior KRY: Just You, The One I Love, The Night Chicago Died

    -Super Junior T: Rokkuko, Rock Go, Tok Tok Tok

    -Davichi: Time Please Stop, From Me To You

    -f(x): Lachata, Nu ABO, Chu

    -Epik High: Run

    -Touch: I

    -Boa: Copy & Paste, Hurricane Venus, Energertic, Game, Dangerous

    -Sori: Boy Boy, You're Not My Style, Hero

    -Rain: Hip Song, Love Song

    - Hwayobi: Bye Bye Bye, Stained Mirror

    -Code-V: Addiction, I'm More Sad

    -SeeYa: My Heart Is Touched, Forever Love (Davichi, T-ara & Ji Yeon), Crazy Love Song, Let's Get Married, All Grown Up (Davichi), The Day (Brown Eyed Girls), Wonder Woman (Davichi & T-Ara)

    Chung Lim: Face, Chewed Gum, Step, Throw Your Heart, Suga Point

    Park Hyo Shin: Goodbye Love

    -Dal Shabet: Supa Dupa Diva

    -Eru: Black Glasses, White Snow, White Tears

    -HAM: So Sexy

    -December: Tears In Heaven, Once Upon A Time, I’ll Become A Star, Shout At The World, Dazzling Tears, Because I Only Learned To Love

    -Soya N Sun: Good Smile

    -Gavy NJ: That's Enough, Pick Up The Phone

    -Lee Seung Gi: I Love You From Now On, My Girl, Losing My Mind, Let’s Break Up, Love Taught Me To Drink

    -Koyote: Jump Jump Jump, Return, Did You Ever Love Me

    -SNSD: Gee, Kissing You, Genie, Run Devil Run, Snowy Wish, Echo, Oh, Hoot

    -2NE1: Follow Me, Clap Your Hands, Go Away, I Don’t Care, It Hurts, Fire, Don’t Stop The Music, Can’t Nobody

    -Sistar: Shady Girl, Push Push, How Dare You

    -JYJ: Found You

    -Tae Yang: I’ll Be There, Wedding Dress, I Need A Girl

    -2PM: Without You, Heartbeat, I'l Be Back, Again & Again

    -Narsha: Bbi Ri Bba Bba, Mamma Mia

    -Big Bang: Tell Me Goodbye, Beautiful Hangover, Lollipop 2, La La La, My Heaven, Go, Let Me Hear Your Voice

    -The Boss: Admiring Boy, Stumble Stumble

    -Coed School: Too Late, Bbbiribom Bberiibbom

    -F.Cuz: No One, Midnight Sun, Jiggy, Wanna Be Your Love, Because Of You

    -4Minute: Huh, Making Love, First, I Me My Mine, Muzik, Hot Issue

    -2AM: I Did Wrong, Number One, Like Crazy, You Wouldn’t Answer my Call, Like A Fool, Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

    -Choshinsung: Hikari, Only You, Romance, On The Days I Missed You, All Abou You, Aikotoba, Evidence of Love, Get Wild, Shining Star, Last Kiss

    -Son Dam Bi: Bad Boy, Queen, DB Rider, Saturday Night, Crazy

    -IU: Marshmallow, Nagging, Boo, Good Day

    -8eight: The End Is Coming, Goodbye My Love, Availability Period, Without A Heart

    -K.Will: Present, My Tears Are Dropping

    -Shinee: Juliette, Hello, Lucifer, Fire, Ring Ding Dong, Replay

    -G-Dragon: Heartbreaker, Butterfly, Breathe

    -Wonder Girls: Nobody, So Hot, Two Different Tears

    -U-Kiss: Round Round, Without You, Shut Up, What, Man Man Ha Ni, Not Young, As Long As You Love Me

    -Xing: My Girl

    -T-Ara: I Go Crazy Because Of You, Why Are You Being Like This, I’m Really Hurt, Like The First Time, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Apple Is A, Yayaya

    -Kara: Lupin, Jumping, We Are With You, Wanna, Pretty Girl

    -FT Island: Lovesick, I Hope, Love Love Love

    -GP Basic: Game

    -JQT: Don't Know, PeekaBoo

    -Secret: Magic, Madonna, Shy Boy

    -After School: Bang, Because Of You, Ah, Diva, Love Love Love

    -Orange Carmel: Magic Girl, A-ing

    -CNBLUE: I’m A Loner, LOVE

    -Teen Top: Clap, Supa Luv

    -ZE:A: All Day Long, Level Up, Mazeltov

    -Girls’ Day: Tilt Your Head, Nothing Lasts Forever

    -Infinite: She's Back, Come Back Again, Before The Dawn

    -DNT: Knock Knock

    -B2ST: Take Care Of My Girlfriend, Shock, Mystery, Beautiful, Breathe

    -Lee Hyori: Swing, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Scandal, U-Go-Girl, Hey Mr.Big

    -First: You Like Me I Like You

    -VNT: Yeah Yeah Yeah, Sound

    -NS Yoon Ji: Headache, Dance, Don’t Go Back

    -Brown Eyed Girls: Sign, Abracadabra, How Come

    -Jo Sung Mo: I Wanna Cheat, Only You

    -Gummy: As A Man, Because Of You, There Is No Love

    -Seo In Young: Love Is Bitter Pain Is Calling, Into The Rythmn, I Want You

    -Baek Ji Young: Over Time, The Other Woman

    -Miss A: Breathe, Step Up, Bad Girl Good Girl

    -AJoo: 1st Kiss, Paparazzi, Wealthy 2

    -SE7EN: Better Together, Digital Bounce

    -T-Max: Don't Be Rude, Paradise, Fight The Bad Feeling

    -Supreme Team: Dang Dang Dang, And Then And Then And Then

    -B2Y: Be Crazy, Jeez

    -Naomi: Storm

    -Anne: Be Mine

    -Nia: Forest OF Memories, Goodbye

    -Monday Kiz: Don't Go, Mirage, Scatter, Footprints

    -Outsider: Loner, Hero, Acquitance

    TOA: Because I Love You More, The Clown That Loved The Angel

    -AB Avenue: Only You

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