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Questions about weddings 1O points?

1 - how do you book the church -- my wedding is may 2012

2 - how much did you wedding cost ?

3- were to get your wedding paper ?

4- do you really need bridemaids and maid of honer ?

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    Hi, as a wedding planner these are the answers you need:

    1. The church should be viewed at least 10-12 months beforehand. Preferably you should also book it around this time, easpecially if you want a specific date.

    2. The wedding cost should be the amount you are comfortable with paying. Therefore estimate the amount you have saved up and also calculate a schedule of what you can save up till that date (as not all vendors require full immediate payment).

    3. Wedding paper: Sorry but I didnt understand this question therefore I am answering two questions. If by wedding paper you mean marriage documents and other legal documents, phone up your local Town Hall or marriage registry and they should be able to give you a form and other documents with everything written down for you to follow. On the other hand if you mean invitations, these can be easly bought online. Just search custom wedding invitations UK and you can customise and print your own for a very good price.

    4. As such no. There is no actual need for a bridesmad / maid of honour. On the other hand however do bare in mind that some female/s does have to help you out with the wedding organisation and other duties unless you are hiring a wedding planner. So, if I were you and I you are on a budget, select one maid of honour and one bridesmaid so they can hep you out during and before the wedding. Also, usually they do organise the hens night. Do remember tradition aswel. I have never had a wedding without them but remember it is Your wedding and you should be happ with what goes on on that day.

    Should you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me :)

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  • CAT
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    1. I didn't get married in a church, I got married at the venue I had my reception, it was all in the package, I think the ceremony was $150 and the officiant, which I got separately from the venue was about $300.

    2. My wedding was approximately $10,000 give or take a few hundred.

    3. I got my marriage license at the state courthouse in Annapolis, MD, in the United States you get the marriage license in the county in which you live in. Annapolis, MD in Anne Arundel County

    4. I've heard of weddings not having bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor, but I personally have never been to a wedding without them. That doesn't mean you can't have a wedding without them.

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    1. One calls the church office . . . and speaks to the pastor or his/her secretary.

    2. A wedding can cost as much . . . or as little . . . as bride and groom desire. My suggestion? Check out the Knot's budget calculator. Plug an amount you can comfortably afford into the calculator. It will show you what percentage of your budget should be spent on each item.

    You will find it on the left, under "planning tools."

    3. See Dawn:

    4. No, bridesmaids and a maid-of-honor are not essential. Your state may require witnesses, but a witness can be any adult present at your wedding. A musician or a parent could serve as witness. In fact, one can even pull in strangers off the street to observe and serve as the witnesses.

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    Im getting married outdoors asked our pastor if would and makeing a contribution to the church 2Our budget is $20,000 3Im makein my own invites and etc with cardstock and computer programs(Photoshop)lot cheaper 4No you decide what you want

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