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10 Points ))) Easy Question ))) ?

i'm an 18 yr old ball player (journey to the NBA)

I'm wondering, how to contact a professional for advice ?

(Monte Ellis, LBJ, JJ Redick, Wade) i NEED advice from those guys. Wait, is it even possible ?

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    10 years ago
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    Im going to try my best to help you out. Its hard to contact those guys since they are famous, but if you want to go into the journey of the nba you got to go to a college show your stuff and then you will be eligble for the NBA draft but since your question is asking for advice the only way you can make LEBRON JAMES contact you is...... by posting videos of you out there and with enough views and if people like what you do they will contact you.....


    Justin Bieber got famous through Youtube!

    Drake (Toronto Rapper) was on a show Degrassi and he did a track there, he was later contacted by Lil wayne while he was at the barbers!

    Did you hear about the man with the Golden Voice, one video made him famous, he got a job to be Clevlend Caviliers commentator( I think) he was offered a house and much more.

    THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT YOU CAN GET SOMEONE TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY HOOK-UPS.... Good luck with whatever you do and if you cannot do what I said take your own advice do whatever is best for you

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    That's not possible. They're famous. AND YOU DID...promise ten points, even if it wasn't the answer you were looking for, so gimme! Pwease? ;)

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  • 10 years ago

    Try to find connections to them and then maybe you can find them somehow.

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