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Why do people say Jackie Chan is only a stuntman?

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    Well yes, Jackie Chan is defiently a martial artist.

    However, movies and stunts is the profession he chose, so the moves you see in his flicks are rarely real moves.

    So no he's not just a stunman, but that is the profession he chose and thats what he does as his job, not martial arts.

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    I think some say it but for your awareness, Jackie Chan is a former stuntman before being discover as an actor, wherein such is the way that put him into the glimpse.

    You can see it in his documentary titled Jackie Chan story.

    As an additional reference, below is the link about some;

    Good luck


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    Because he used to be a stuntman, turned actor and had voice overs while still doin his own stunts. This went on for awhile until his English improved and started becoming a more accomplished actor

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    He originally studied stunt acting/performing before learning martial arts. Plus, when his movies hit the west, they were better credited for their stunts and the added fact that he did all of his own which is practically unheard of even for today's standards. Or should I say ""especially" for today's standards?

    He is both a stuntman and a martial artist. Stunts just became his staple before martial arts so a lot of people just assume the former from him before anything else.

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  • 10 years ago

    Because there haters. Chan is a real martial arts master and one of the best ever.He knows what sells and makes serious money,

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    10 years ago

    He definately can defend himself.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He doesnt have the voice for movies

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