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Help! Looking for some fashion tips with minimum accessorizing!?

I'm a 14 year-old girl and I don't wear makeup or wear chunky jewelry or anything like that. I like to keep things simple, but I still want to look great whenever I go out. I have an olive skin tone, brown hair and amber eyes, a very small figure, and am definitely NOT curvy, so tips minding this information would be best. I'm kind of lost in my sense of fashion right now, I don't feel right when I wear sweats and a ratty T, or TNA pants, ugh! I want something special, casual, and that requires little to no accessories.

Thanks so much!

xo Kristina

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    Dark skinny jeans(basically any Jean. Just close-fitting and a dark wash. Dark is key here), any color babydoll top or cami, and silver chain necklaces and hoops are your best friend. Try army style jackets that fit tightly for a casual sheik look.

    For more dressy, try long shirts or sweaters(thigh long), or casual short dresses with appropriately matching leggings and ballet flats. Jewelry stays same.


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    Kate Moss is really one to watch for you by the sounds of it - she's a petite style icon, has quite a natural look about her make up wise (when not modelling) and keeps her outfits really simple and classy, often just a pair of skinny jeans, a plain top and a single piece of jewellery.

    Some examples of Kate Moss outfits:

    I know she's blonde, but her outfits don't depend on it, a lot of them are so plainly coloured that they'd go with any colour hair. I would stick more with looking at her paparazzi style shots where she's in her own clothes than the modelling shots. Good luck :)

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