Plz help,days 2 live!!!Does anyone know a doctor that will give A.T.R.A. for leukemia w/o a blood transfusion?

the little boy is only 13, he has two types of leukaemia, his parents are jehovah witness and refuse blood. he has also stated no blood so the courts are respecting his wants. doctors are refusing to help because this pill is a small dose of chemo meant to force the his own white blood cells to mature, but the doctors wont give it because of his age and that his immune is to low to handle without a blood transfusion first to boost his white blood cells. the family will not change their minds on the blood transfusion so plz dnt even comment on that or tell me that this is stupid to refuse it, its not my beliefs but i still care if the little boy lives or dies....plz if anyone knows of a doctor that has help Jehovah's witnesses before in working with minors without blood transfusions.....they had a doctor in portland oregon, but he decided he didn't want to mess with it, they might have someone in chicago, but it seems nobody really cares enough to help! if anyone knows of more options his time is getting shorter everyday!!!! plz help this family!!!! plz don't write anything rude, i don't have time to read it, and im not the person to vent at as i don't agree with this either!!!


tri cyclic- thankyou i have forwarded the information!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Contact the Schwartz Center in Boston.

    Tel: 617 724-4746


    If they cannot help you they should know who can. They were founded by a Jehovah Witness named Kenneth B. Schwartz.

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